7 Exercises That Are Easier and More Effective Than Running, Crunches and Squats




The truth is that there is a huge number of exercises that are not very popular among modern people and the vast majority of them are not popular for more than one good reason.

But, it is also true that there are some exercises that are ignored and neglected without a particular reason and they should definitely get a second chance because of the many benefits they bring. It is the best idea to include these exercises as part of the daily fitness routine.

Undervalued Cardiovascular Exercises

There is no doubt that running is an excellent way to eliminate calories and improve endurance, but this is not the most effective cardio exercise. The fact is that there are many other great ways to improve your cardiovascular health and unfortunately numerous exercises were undervalued in the past. Perform some of the following exercises to improve your fitness routine and achieve your cardio objectives.

1. Walking

Walking might not be something new for many people, but it looks like most of them ignore the positive effects of this exercise. Performing a fast walk can provide almost the same benefits as running. For instance, walking can significantly lower the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases and other similar health problems. It can also calm down any individual. On top of that, it doesn’t add so much stress on the body as running.

In other words, it allows people to improve their health at the pace they want. Even if you are a professional athlete or a person in good shape, walking can always bring benefits to your health. So, start walking in your neighborhood and you will soon notice the positive results and you will learn more about the place where you live.

2. Stairs

If you want to perform a more difficult workout, use the stairs. Climbing the stairs engages leg muscles and they push your body upward. This means that you are burning calories and improving strength in the lower part of the body at the same time. If you are running on the stairs, you will also improve cardiovascular health and increase your heart rate.

This is a more efficient way to burn calories compared to walking or running. Many people use the stairs besides circuit workouts because it was proven that their intensity leads to much better results. Finally, performing lots of stairs leads to a better look at your butt and calves.

3. Rowing

Many fitness experts can confirm that the use of a rowing machine can help people improve upper body strength and eliminate a huge number of calories and fat. This is an aerobic exercise which means that besides burning calories you will also boost cardio circulation. In addition, rowing is a total body workout that affects all muscles in the body including the shoulders, back, legs, arms, and glutes.

By increasing the resistance on the machine, you will improve the results in the muscles and by practicing low-resistance exercises you will get excellent results typical for aerobic exercises.

Undervalued Stationary Exercises

Many people can confirm that you don’t need to take training classes in the local gym to build strength and improve your fitness level. There are many exercises that can be performed at home and they don’t require much time or effort. In order to perform these exercises in the right way, you should find a yoga mat or other similar object that can be used as a safe surface.

4. Superman’s

Although this name might confuse you, it is very likely that you have performed this exercise in the past. Children are fond of lying flat on their stomachs and lifting their legs and arms up in the air (just like Superman). As we grow older, this exercise becomes a little bit difficult, but it is still a great exercise.

By performing superman’s you will make the shoulders, chest, lower back, core, legs, and arms stronger. We can all agree that they are more useful and helpful than crunches because they also support proper posture.

5. Planks

Just like Superman, planks can do wonders for your health. They can effectively develop strength and support proper posture at the same time. If they are performed in the right way, they can serve as a total body workout that improves core strength, aids people to overcome back injuries faster and improve endurance.

In addition, this exercise can increase your stability in all types of exercises and physical activities. Finally, by improving the core’s stability and strength, people will get better results from every exercise they perform.

Undervalued Weight Training Exercises

When someone mentions exercises related to weight lifting, people usually think about bicep curls, bench presses, and exercises that don’t require equipment like squats. Of course, all the exercises we have mentioned are useful, but the truth is that there are few other exercises that seem to be equally good or even better. Perform some of these exercises as part of your training routine to get better results.

6. Deadlifts

Now here’s an example of an undervalued exercise that activates hamstrings, glutes, lower back, and quadriceps. People often avoid this exercise because they think that deadlifts are reserved for professional bodybuilders or strong athletes and that they are the only category of people that can feel the benefits. However, deadlifts have proven to be useful for weightlifters regardless of their fitness level.

People of all ages regardless of their size can use deadlifts to improve their strength. Deadlifts will also make you look better and perform any lifting task fast and safely without putting too much effort. In the end, just be sure that you are performing them in the right way to avoid injuries.

7. Russian Kettlebell Swing

One of the things that make kettlebells so efficient is their versatility. In case you are an owner of high-quality kettlebells, you practically have everything you need for a home gym. One of the best exercises is the Russian kettlebell swing. With the help of this exercise, you will successfully activate the lower back, glutes, legs, shoulders, and hamstrings.

In addition, this is an excellent way to increase your heart rate which ultimately means better calorie burning. Once again, make sure that you are performing this exercise in the right way and protect yourself from injuries.

Don’t Avoid Undervalued Exercises

Most people make the same mistake and perform the same exercises whenever they are in the gym. Promoting certain changes in the routine from time to time is crucial to maintaining your form and improving the results. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new exercises.

In this way, you will rest assured that all the muscles in your body are active and that you are in great shape. If you keep practicing the same exercises, you will soon notice that you lack progress.

Via Web MD

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