6 Manipulation Tactics Toxic People Use to Silence You




If you are like most people then there is a great chance that besides pleasant and positive people, you have some negative and toxic individuals in your life too. Sociopaths, psychopaths and narcissists are involved in dangerous behaviors that are not bad only for them. After a while, they will hurt their family, friends and partners.

Unfortunately, these individuals are viewing reality in a different, biased way and they think that everyone else is responsible for their misery. In other words, they don’t want any responsibility and they use manipulative and diversionary tactics. The worst thing about this is that in a relationship with a person like this, you will always end up as a victim.

So, it might be a good idea to analyze their vicious tactics. By learning more about their negative behavior we will be able to cope with their actions. Once you understand what you are dealing with, you will be able to fight back. By exposing their manipulation and lies we can cut these relationship without being a victim.

1. A Salad of Words

We have all witnessed a situation like this – you ask someone a straight question and they keep talking and talking about other things and in the end you won’t get any answer. This is a situation known as a salad of words or word salad. This is an activity that obviously has one goal – to deflect. In this way, toxic individuals try to avoid responsibility for their actions by making you confused or even annoyed. They are hoping that they will trigger an impulsive reaction, so they can blame you. You will find yourself in a similar position if you have a different opinion.

For instance, you say that their claim is ridiculous because they’ve said that trees are packed with cotton candy and the person starts blaming you for everything that happened in their life starting from your childhood.

2. Gaslighting

You might have never heard about this term, but the fact is that toxic individuals use this tactics quite often. Crazy making behavior is another way to describe gas-lighting. Basically, there is something going on (it doesn’t really matter if it was done or said) and the other side tries to convince you that nothing happened. They just keep repeating things like You are imaging things, Are you crazy and No, that didn’t happen. It is not unusual for them to insult you. Their main objective is to make you doubt yourself and save themselves.

3. Using Generalizations

It is not unusual and rare for toxic individuals to lack valid arguments for their claims. This is the reason why they use generalizations and confusing statements. They can often say that you are never satisfied and that you are always in a bad mood.  They are just projecting their own fears and worries to you.

4. Jumping to Conclusions

What is interesting is that toxic people often believe that they know what you are feeling and thinking. They often jump to conclusions because of the things they believe in, instead of asking you what’s going on and making reasonable assumptions. These people are prone to act impulsively driven by their own fallacies and delusions.

In the end, they don’t care if they have hurt you and feel no regret. Very often, they are placing words in your mouth and make you look unstable. Finally, they also blame you that you think that they are toxic even though you have not said a word.

5. Anchorman Mentality

Back to you – this is the phrase that anchormen usually use when they end their activity on TV news. This is the same thing that is happening whenever you argue with such individuals. Things always get back to you when you try to warn them about something. For example, you say that they are irresponsible and their answer is that you are not perfect either.

6. Changing The Subject

This is what you can expect when you try to force a toxic person to take responsibility for their actions and behavior. They will always try to change the subject and keep trying until you give up.

So, don’t get confused, if some person that you know tries these tactics on you, you should not stop talking. Keep talking about the facts and they will eventually hear you. In case they are not willing to accept the truth, maybe it’s time to focus your energy and feelings to someone that truly deserves that.

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