5 Simple Habits Which Can Guarantee Losing Weight




Examinations show that the most famous New Year’s resolution in the U.S. for 2015 is losing weight.

But this resolution in most cases may fail as well. Many people want to slim down for themselves and for those they love.

There are so many diets and fads which can give you a quick result. These quickly-gained results are temporary and the lost pounds will come back on after a while.

If you want your “losing a few pounds” resolution to be permanent –not temporary, and to improve your health – not to endanger it, look at these five simple habits, which guarantee positive results.

5 Simple Habits Which Can Guarantee Losing Weight

1. The Water Habit

Drink a big glass of water just before your everyday meals. Water will hydrate you and it will reduce your appetite by filling your stomach.

2. The Slow Habit

While eating, after each bite, set the spoon or fork. That will slow down your eating and you will enjoy the meal more and consume less.

3. The Half Habit

Try to eat half of your prepared or ordered meal and share the other half with a friend or take it home if you are eating in a restaurant.

4. The Snack Habit

Except for your three meals during the day, you can only eat vegetables or fruits, nothing else.

5. The Move Habit

Take 20 minutes free a day to do aerobic exercise which will help you to double your normal rate of heart. Do it each day. You can pick something so simple like a stationary bike.

If you do these habits every day, they will become part of your life. Anything can become a habit if you do that thing for at least 21 straight days.

You can check off all five habits every day. Put numbers for each habit that you do that day until you get to 21 straight days on each of the five habits.

The heart of this plan is the habit with the number 3 because it re-celebrates the appetite. In order to get the amount of nourishment needed, you eat a large amount of poor-quality food or a small amount of high-quality food. If you try to eat half of your everyday meal, your appetite will realize that it cannot get large quantity and it will crave more quality-not quantity. You will start to look for nourishment food instead of junk food.

If you combine habits 2 and 3, it will be very interesting. You will consume half of your meal and enjoy it twice as much.

The easiest of the habits is number 1. The only thing that you should remember is to drink a big glass of water before every meal. Water can fix the dehydration problems that most Americans have, and it will help you eat less of a meal.

The hardest ones are habits 4 and 5. You will find these hard the first few days. You will feel hungry because of habit 3, and vegetables and fruits from habit 4 will not be attractive snacks. In a few days, your appetite will adjust from quantity to quality, and vegetables and fruit will be a better and better snack for you.

It has something good in habit 5 too. Even if exercising looks hard and even boring sometimes to you, if you do it consecutive every day it will become addictive and your body will value the endorphins it releases.

Try these five habits, and in one month you can have them mastered. You will gain vitality and lose weight for the rest of the year.

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