4 Powerful Home Remedies for Toothache 

 January 5, 2016

By  Gabriela

Visiting the dentist’s office is not the most pleasant experience. The vast majority of people, men and women regardless of their age are more or less scared when they have to visit the dentist. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about dental checkup or real intervention, no one is glad to visit their dentist because in most cases these visits are painful.

The health of our teeth and gums is very important, but this is a place that we cannot check thoroughly on our own because it is quite difficult to see what is happening in the back of the mouth. All we can do is regular cleaning of the gums and teeth.

4 Powerful Home Remedies for Toothache

Whenever we start feeling any type of pain in the teeth or experience bleeding, our body is telling that something is wrong, but we have no clue what exactly is wrong. The fact is that the intensity of toothaches is different. Sometimes this pain represents mild soreness and sometimes we can experience agonizing pain all over the jaw.

There are many reasons why toothaches occur and some of them include infections, inflammation, formation of cavities, cracked and damaged tooth, problems with the tooth root, damaged filling, jaw joint disorder and few other reasons.

Whenever the middle area or the tooth’s pulp is swollen or irritated we feel toothaches. The tooth’s pulp contains many sensitive nerve endings and this is why we feel such sharp pain. In case you are suffering from toothaches and you want to get rid of this pain right away, you should definitely try some of the many home remedies for toothache, to soothe the pain. We will now present several efficient completely natural remedies that can help you soothe the pain, at least for a while.
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Home Remedies for Toothache

1. Salt and pepper

If you mix pepper and salt together, you can expect to get a powerful combination that provides fast results in cases of toothache. The reason is simple – both ingredients provide powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic effects. In order to get rid of pain, follow these instructions:

  • Take equal quantities of pepper and salt and mix them well
  • Make a thick paste by adding a small amount of water (a few drops)
  • Put the paste on the problematic tooth
  • Wait for a few minutes
  • Perform this procedure once a day for a few days in a row.

2. Garlic

This vegetable is used as a natural remedy in different situations. Garlic is very useful for people who are experiencing any type of toothache. This vegetable is packed with antibiotic and possesses few other helpful healing properties that will help any person ease the pain. Here’s the recipe for the garlic-based home remedy for toothache:

  • Take one garlic clove, crush it and use some black or table salt to create a mixture. Instead of garlic clove you can also use garlic powder.
  • Put this mixture on the problematic tooth to relieve pain
  • In addition, you can simply chew one or two garlic cloves and the pain should be gone
  • Perform this procedure for 3-4 days.

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3. Cloves

These flower buds provide strong antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic and antioxidant effects. All these effects can help you eliminate infections and ease any type of pain including toothache.

  • Grind two cloves
  • Take some olive oil or vegetable oil and mix it with the cloves
  • Put this mixture on the painful tooth
  • You can also take some clove oil and dab a cotton ball in it. Rub the cotton ball directly on the affected tooth.
  • in addition, people can also create a mixture of half a glass of plain water and 3-4 drops of clove oil in order to create natural mouthwash.

4. Onions

These veggies have powerful antimicrobial and antiseptic effects and they are able to ease the pain instantly. Onions are also good for elimination of germs that lead to infections. In case you experience toothache, follow these tips:

  • Take one raw onion and chew it for a couple of minutes. You should get instant pain relief.
  • In case you can’t chew this vegetable, cut the onion into pieces and put a few pieces on the affected area.

Feel free to try all these home remedies for toothache, but if your condition doesn’t improve, you will have to visit a dentist’s office.

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