3 Amazing Recipes for Cleansing Your Kidneys Fast




What with all the fast foods and sodas we consume daily, is it a wonder why our organs start failing us?

All that grease from fast food and all that artificial sugar contained in sodas has never been any good news for our health, but some organs will start ‘rebelling’ after longer periods of an unhealthy diet.

The kidneys, for example. Oh-so crucial yet oh-so endangered cause of the extra work we force upon them to process these unhealthy foods and beverages. But it’s not like this is the only way they harm our kidneys and bodies in general.

But there are other external factors as well, other than unhealthy foods, which contribute to this problem. Namely, water and air pollution pose more and more of an issue in this modern day.

And since, no matter how much we try, we can’t protect ourselves from every single bad influence out there (still need to breathe), the next best thing we can do is cleanse the organs which are the most affected, from time to time.

And, of course, natural detox is your best bet in these situations, since the last thing you want is to burden your body with even more toxic medications.

Unfortunately, the important role of the kidneys is constantly downplayed to just mere ‘liquid filtrates’. But they work a whole lot harder and are so important for our bodies.

They are responsible for many vital processes without which our body would not function.

These are: dealing with the toxins from the water, food, and air, adjusting one’s metabolism to maintain the proper weight, cleansing your blood, clearing your complexion, producing hormones, etc.

So you can see why it’s so important to give them a break once in a while, and the best thing to do is to naturally detox them.

First off, let’s see if you have a kidney problem. You do if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • You constantly feel bloated and have been gaining some weight recently
  • You have frequent urinary tract infections and other related problems
  • You experience mood swings and problems in general which have to do with a hormonal imbalance
  • You’ve already dealt with kidney stones sometime in the past
  • You have skin issues, among which: rash, eczema, or acne
  • You feel tired and drained out a lot
  • You feel pain in your lower back area

If you have any of the above-numbered symptoms, it means you are desperately in need of a detox. Best to start right away, and repeat when any symptoms reappear. Or, even if you don’t have any kidney problems, it doesn’t mean you won’t in the future.

So, it’s best to detox from time to time to prevent any problems from occurring in the first place. Ideally, you should do any of the following detox recipes once a year to hinder any potential kidney imbalances.

Here Are Three Different Kidney Detox Recipes to Choose From

1. Lime and Watermelon

What You Need:

  • Two cups of watermelon
  • One lime (peeled)

What to Do:

Simply blend these two ingredients, and you’ve got yourself a drink bursting with potassium and vitamin C. But also mineral salt, which is a great natural diabetic and aids you in flushing out toxins and even small kidney stones!

2. Cucumber and Carrots

What You Need:

  • Two carrots
  • One large cucumber

What to Do:

All you need to do is blend these two ingredients.

This is such an excellent detox drink because both ingredients are great even on their own, and combined they form a powerful remedy.

The 90% of the water contained in cucumbers combined with the beta-carotene content of carrots will give your body proper nourishment, as well as provide you with all the needed nutrients.

And, most importantly for this case, it’ll flush out any excess uric acid, which is infamous for causing kidney stones in the first place.

3. Cabbage, Celery, Radish

What You Need:

  • One cup of cabbage (the purple kind works best)
  • One stick of celery
  • One cup of radish

What to Do:

There’s no quantum physics to this. Just do what you did the last two times. Wash the ingredients and blend them all in a juicer.

The radishes are famous for their anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties. This, naturally, will aid you in combatting any infections and flushing out the toxins gathered in your system.

Celery, on the other hand, is an excellent diuretic in its own right.

Last but not least, the cabbage is bursting with vitamin C, something vital for keeping you healthy and improving your immunity.

A piece of advice: Perhaps we don’t even need to tell you this since all detox mixtures are taken on an empty stomach, but we might as well mention it for those who are not aware of this.

Taking any of these three recipes first thing in the morning would give you the best results and is the most effective way to take them.

Happy kidney cleansing!

Source: Young And Raw

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