3 Mineral Waters That Can Remove Aluminum from the Brain

The number of neurological diseases connected to aluminum toxicity has been continuously increasing. The intrusion of aluminum into our gray matter can’t be stopped by the blood brain barrier, so aluminum builds up and stays in tissue which doesn’t have quick cellular turnover.

The natural death of cells and their replacement that happens in our body is called apoptosis. This process excludes the cancer cells whose reproduction and colonization in tumors continues, except if it is directly introduced or the cells are obliterated by synthetic and natural chemical compounds.

3 Mineral Waters That Can Remove Aluminum from the BrainAluminum gradually accumulates in toxic amounts in cellular turnover tissues with slow rate of apoptosis, like the heart, bone matter, and the brain. Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, MS, and other auto-immune or neurological diseases are manifested in the brain and its related nervous system, including the full autistic spectrum.

Aluminum toxins are everywhere around us: in beverage containers, cookware, cigarette smoke, foil, antiperspirants, cosmetics, antacids, sunscreens, and the omnipresent but often ignored chemtrails, whose aluminum nanoparticles can be inhaled into the lungs and carried directly to our brain through the blood or sinuses.

Moreover, all vaccines contain aluminum which reduces the chances of getting rid of it naturally. It goes directly into our blood and then is routed into the heart and brain, increasing their levels of accumulated aluminum toxicity.

People have come into the age of aluminum, as explained by Dr. Chris Exley, PhD. Although many believe that this metal is the most common on earth and completely harmless, Dr. Chris Exley has been researching the aluminum toxicity for more than 2 decades. As he explains, the “Age of Aluminum” had began in the early 20s and lasts up till now.

Before this period, aluminum was the planet’s most ample mineral which hadn’t been mined. But ever since it started mining and using it in various ways, there is a noticeable raise in the number of neurological diseases, as Dr. Exley explains.

The Message of Dr. Chris Exley to the Vaccine Safety Conference, 2011

On this conference, he was focused on improving the neurological damage of vaccinated children, which involved silica-the second most ample mineral on the planet. He has put children with neurological damage caused by vaccinations, such as autism disorders, on a silicic acid- a silica form which showed extraordinary results.

According to Dr. Exley, silicic acid is the most bio-available and effective method to get the silica into the blood through the gut, and then into the brain matter. Here, it binds with the molecules of aluminum, safely leaving the brain cell tissue, and eventually eliminating it through the urine.

Dr. Exley has successfully used the Spritzer mineral water produced in Malaysia on aluminum toxic kids with autism disorders. Almost all vaccines contain aluminum. Together with his team, Dr. Exley gave 1 liter of this water daily to 15 patients with Alzheimer’s disease for a period of 13 weeks.

All participants showed reduced aluminum levels by 50-70%, and 8 of them no longer deteriorated, while 3 showed significant cognitive improvement. Coconut oil might be better for reversing Alzheimer’s disease, however mineral waters with high amounts of ionic silicic or Orthosilicic acid will lower the brain’s aluminum toxicity, protecting it of Alzheimer’s disease.

Mineral waters in USA with similar amounts of Spritzer’s silicic acid which have capacity to penetrate the blood-brain barrier are Fiji and Volvic. The Fiji water contains more silicic acid and has more available price of about $1.99 per liter in WalMart, and its bottles are BPA free according to the analysis of People’s Chemist. They give the names of other water bottles free of BPA: Smart Water, Evian, and Voss.

He suggests drinking 1.5 liter of this water a day, but for higher aluminum toxicity levels, consuming the same amount of water in one hour period as the most successful way to detoxify the brain from aluminum. According to him, there are 3 commercial bottled waters that list the amounts of present silica as milligram per liter on their bottles, out of which Fiji contains the highest amounts. Just to make clear, we aren’t affiliated with Fiji.

You can help prevent dementia by consuming silica mineral water, or stop an early onset of Alzheimer’s disease and even reverse most of its symptoms by using it with pure cold pressed coconut oil. If silica is sufficiently supplemented, the person will be able to eliminate aluminum through urine. Apparently, there are no side effects of taking too much, but make sure you consume adequate water and maintain your potassium and vitamin B1 levels.

More about Silica

It provides collagen elasticity in tendons, cartilage and all other connecting tissues in our body, which in turn lowers pains and aches and keeps the flexibility of our body. Moreover, it has been shown that blood serum silica in higher amounts prevents building plaque in arteries and formation of clogged blood vessels.

Recently, the main reason for building plaque in arteries has been shifted from cholesterol accumulation to arterial calcification from unabsorbed serum calcium. Silica is considered to play important role in the building of bone matter. Calcium won’t be able to become part of bone matter if there’s no sufficient silica, vitamin K2, and magnesium, so it will remain in the blood that might calcify in the soft tissue of inner walls of arteries and the heart.

Therefore, silica is crucial for keeping a healthy cardiovascular system and strong bones, which makes it a vital anti-aging mineral rather than just a deep skin beauty mineral. More good silica sources are cucumbers, the plant horsetail, and diatomaceous earth powder, but these lack the ionic suspension of silicic acid used in the previously mentioned waters that are able to get through the blood-brain barrier.

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