2-Ingredient Colon Cleansing Mixture to Flush Out Fecal Waste from Your Gut




An average modern adult individual has spent years making poor eating decisions like unhealthy food, improper eating habits and patterns, and making combinations of incompatible foods.

As a result of this practice, our small intestines have become less efficient mostly because the foods are blocking the inner wall lining. In case your diet doesn’t include sufficient amounts of fiber, it is very likely that you will experience this problem at some point.

The fiber is lost due to the consumption of alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, processed and refined foods, flour products, etc.

Once we consume these foods, some parts of them remain in the intestines for months and they eventually begin rotting and create encrustation in this area. One of the symptoms is halitosis or bad breath. The small intestines have several functions, but one of the most important ones is the proper absorption of nutrients.

However, due to the fact that the inner wall is lined with the aforementioned encrustation, the process of absorbing nutrients is not very efficient. Once the functioning of these intestines is reduced, people start experiencing different health issues.

Some of the symptoms that suggest that the gastro intestines are “polluted” include poor metabolism, chronic constipation, inadequate or excess weight gain, type 2 diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, eye and ear problems, hair, nail, and skin issues and many different chronic diseases like cancer and arthritis.

If you remove the fecal accumulation, mucus, and micro parasites that dwell in the intestines, you will be able to protect yourself and heal many different health issues.

That’s why many experts suggest gastrointestinal detoxification before performing any kind of juice detox so the use of nutrients found in these juices is improved.

Enemas Performed on a Daily Basis

The procedure that we will describe now will provide effects only if you include enemas performed on a daily basis in order to eliminate the soft fecal particles thoroughly while the process of detoxification lasts.

So, it is crucial to conduct an enema and this is especially important for those dealing with chronic constipation.

Taking three tablespoons of flour made of flax seed in a period of three weeks can provide complete intestine cleansing and help us remove fecal buildups and mucus as well as parasites without any negative effects on the microflora found in the intestines.

The method we will show in this article allows fast stabilization of weight and quick burning of fat. In addition, it has a positive impact on the process of lipid metabolism stabilization and management. Flour based on flax seed absorbs and removes the toxins from our boy and lowers the levels of blood cholesterol.

In case you notice any of the following symptoms that come as a result of weak gut health, you can rely on this colon cleanse.

Performing The Colon Cleanse

Replace your breakfast with this specific mixture for three weeks:

  • First Week – One tablespoon of flour based on flax seed and 100 ml of raw kefir;
  • Second Week – Two tablespoons of flour based on flax seed and 100 ml of raw kefir;
  • Third Week – Three tablespoons of flour based on flax seed and 150 ml of raw kefir.

In case you can’t find such flour in the stores around your home, purchase flax seed and carefully grind it. Make sure to buy organic flax seeds. Don’t store this mixture – make fresh servings each morning. If you store this mixture it is very likely that the seeds will be rancid after a while. Feel free to keep the remaining flax seed in your refrigerator.

We should also mention that both kefir and flax seeds come with many different health benefits.

In case you are practicing this efficient, natural cleanse, it is highly recommended to consume at least two liters of water per day. In addition, in case your body weight is more than 54 kg or 120 lbs, you should drink more water.

According to some practitioners, in order to feel the best effects, you should drink eight ounces of tap or filtered water with one teaspoon of organic honey and one teaspoon of unprocessed apple cider vinegar mixed together right after you consume this healthy mixture in the morning.


Avoid this special cleanse in case you are suffering from cancer or some other chronic disease. You should also avoid it if you are recovering from surgery, some serious illness or injury, or if you are nursing or pregnant.

In case your ordinary diet is not rich in fiber, you may experience mild gas and stomach bloating in the beginning. Be sure to consume a sufficient amount of water and to allow proper bowel movement. If you don’t consume enough water you may experience constipation.

Kefir is a product that comes after a specific fermentation process which means that it is usually safe for people who may have a lower tolerance to lactose. If you can’t find or would like to try a recipe that doesn’t include a dairy product, you can use some other cleansing solution.

There are people who may have to visit the toilet more frequently than usual when they perform this colon cleanse. This is quite natural because the body is trying to move out fecal buildup. So, if you are preparing for this cleanse make sure that you have access to the toilet all the time.

Once you complete this cleanse for the first time, you’ll witness some amazing health improvement. In addition, the nutrients will be absorbed easily. Perform this procedure once or two times a year.

Via Juicing For Health

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