19 Things Only Women with a Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Understand





1. You got few pairs of shoes, but you wear and combine the same pair of shoes with 95% of your clothes.

2. You have three (practical) hairstyles – ponytail, down and bun.

3. The vast majority of your outfits are simple combinations of jeans and t-shirts.

4. Of course, this makes getting ready to go out really easy. What kind of combination are you going to wear? Just grab a pair of jeans and a tee, put your favorite pair of shoes and you are good to go!

5. Sundresses are an excellent choice because they always leave an impression that you’ve spent some time getting ready, but you actually didn’t.

6. You are always giving your hair stylist the same instruction for the cut – a cut that’s very easy to maintain because you simply don’t have time to make your hair. You believe that having a practical hair that can be prepared in a couple of minutes is the perfect idea and in case you need a fancier look you can always use a headband or clip.

7. You find make up intimidating. You know the basic rules and you probably put some make up before you go out, but whenever you look at those YouTube clips explaining contouring you think that this is too much.

8. Once you find out that you are invited to an event where wearing heels is mandatory, all the thrill and excitement is gone.

9. However, when you finally put your fancy clothes and get excited once again you will accept the idea that wearing heels is sometimes necessary. When you put them on you feel taller, your legs look more beautiful and you say that you will wear them again soon.

10. You have not arrived on the event yet and you start to remember why you dislike heels and you just think about when this nightmare will end. You start counting time and complain all the time.

11. You look at the men around you and they wear comfortable shoes or even Converse sneakers with their suits and that’s totally acceptable for all the people around you and you say to yourself – that’s not fair.

12. In case your friends want to go out, you always look if your good ol’ jeans, t-shirt and cool-looking jacket are clean.

13. Your closest friends really enjoy the days when they get the permission to dress you up. They find you dresses, use make up…it’s like a makeover show.

14. Every time you decide to dress up your friends are very excited and praise your look – you look completely different, we knew that you are beautiful but this is just WOW, you should dress like this more often etc.

15. Your closet is separated into two parts – front and back and you keep all your “nice clothes” in the back. They can be used only on special occasions and that’s it.

16. When you got your first job and one of the requirements to work there was to wear business professional clothes you started panicking because you don’t wear clothes like that.

17. After the initial shock, you’ve realized that you can actually make a combination from some of your clothes and pass as “business professional”.

18. Although you own contacts you wear your glasses most of the time because “they are more practical”.

19. Your gym membership is just an excuse so you can wear workout clothes throughout the day.

Via Thought Catalog

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