15 Foods that Will Help You Lose Weight




When it comes to dieting, weight loss plans differ in terms of their pros and cons, and a very small number of them are nutritionally approved.

For that reason, Rachel Stahl, a based registered dietitian, and Danielle Starin a director of nutrition were consulted in order to find out the types of diets that provide the best results.

The following 15 foods will help you lose weight in a healthy and delicious way.

1. Plain Greek Yogurt

This stellar breakfast food which is rich in calcium can take a significant part in your lunch, dinner, snack, and dessert. It is not only delicious in a combination with some fruit but it is a potent superfood for weight loss. Try some yogurt with sour cream or even with mayo.

2. Sparkling Water

The signs of hunger can sometimes be nothing more than signs of dehydration. Sparkling water will not only help you lose weight but will replace your intake of sugary sodas. Starin claims that thirst can often be misread as hunger. So, if you are hydrated you will be able to recognize the difference.

3. Nuts

Nuts are an ideal type of snack for those who want to lose some weight. Starin claims that they are powerhouse because of the high amount of three important nutrients: fiber, protein, and good fats. However, take one ounce a day because too much can cause weight gain.

Among the varieties of nuts, nutritionists favor almonds because they are high in calories and fit well in a healthy diet. Stahl states that almonds balance the blood sugar level and have components that suppress hunger hormones while burning belly fat. They are high in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, components that will keep you satiated for a longer period of time.

4. Whole Wheat Pasta

Combine whole-wheat pasta with your favorite type of pasta and you will notice instant changes. It is rich in fiber, a substance that keeps satiated and will reduce hunger. According to Starin whole-wheat pasta is an important ingredient that everyone should have in the house. Combine some pasta sauce with it and you will provide yourself with a very healthy meal.

5. Pulses

According to the United Nations General Assembly, 2016 was the International Year of Pulses or lentils and dry beans. So, it’s time to implement these pulses in your daily healthy diet. These highly nutritious foods are rich in protein and fiber that will keep you satiated for longer and are a good base for veggies intake.

6. Cucumbers

Cucumbers are low-calorie vegetables, full of water. Starin states that the water in cucumbers keeps you hydrated while the crunch attracts you to eat more. Cucumbers fit in almost every meal, from tortilla chips to salads and sandwiches.

7. Lean Poultry

The intake of protein is a must in every healthy diet for losing weight. Lean poultry is a great source of proteins that are essential for losing weight. Starin points out that you should replace ground beef with lean ground turkey or skinless chicken. The protein will keep you full and will cut down on fat and calories.

8. Avocados

You can use avocados for breakfast toast, covered in bacon, guacamole, and in many other varieties. It is the star fruit that helps you lose weight. Avocados are loaded with significant minerals, vitamins, and good fats. They provide a feeling of indulgence but without the calorie burden. So, take avocado instead of calorie-loaded spreads or blend some into your favorite salad dressing or even in a chocolate mousse.

9. Apples

Apples are not only delicious but potent fruits that successfully suppress hunger. Apples along with their skin are full of fiber, antioxidants, and water, nutrients important for weight loss. Their crunchiness takes them longer to eat but it allows you to register your hunger.

A medium apple contains under 100 calories and nearly 5 grams of fiber. Stahl points out that a high amount of fiber and water will provide a feeling of fullness. A greater intake of apples will provide you with a variety of minerals and vitamins such as vitamins A, B vitamins and vitamin C.

10. Dark Chocolate

You are probably wondering why chocolate is included in a weight loss plan. Starin points out that a small piece of chocolate or 10-20 dark chocolate chips after your meal will release your anxiety and depression about food. Yes, depression for food is because people deprive themselves of the food they loved to eat. However, make sure you control the portions and remember that less is more.

11. Eggs

Although criticized, eggs take a significant part in the weight loss diet. They are rich in proteins and healthy fats that will prevent the feeling of hunger and will keep you satiated for a longer period of time with a low amount of calories.

However, do not be afraid of the yolk because it contains important nutrients for the proper functioning of your body.

12. Quinoa

Quinoa provides many important health benefits for your body and it is specialized for weight loss. It is not technically a grain because botanically is related to spinach, chard, and beets and it is consumed like grains. Stahl points out the importance of quinoa because it is a powerful source of fiber, protein, and nine essential amino acids. It’s the combination of fiber and protein that prevents the feeling of hunger thus preventing your craving for high-calorie food. Quinoa is gluten-free and low-fat grain.

13. Leafy Greens

When it comes to leafy greens, you have a great number of options. However, Stahl indicates that the darker the color of the leafy greens, the better they are. They are packed with fiber, an important substance for weight loss.

So, increase your intake of leafy greens in your diet and you will provide your body with healthy and low-calorie nutrients. These leafy greens will improve the taste of your whole lunch.

14. Oats

Oats are affordable and easy to prepare meals. One serving of oatmeal contains about 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein. Other types of breakfast cereals contain refined carbohydrates while oatmeal balances the blood sugar levels control your appetite and increases your energy.

Always choose plain, steel-cut, or old-fashioned rolled oats rather than flavored ones because they can be high in sugar, preservatives, and salt. For a greater feeling of fullness combine your oatmeal with nuts, seeds, or plain Greek yogurt.

You can add oats to other dishes such as smoothies, binder in meatloaf, and flour in bread, cookie, cake, or muffin. It can also be added to a stew or soup for a thicker and creamier texture or as a base in granola bars.

15. Salmon

Salmon contains healthy fats that will keep you satiated and satisfied at the same time. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which play an important role in cardiovascular diseases, fighting obesity, and metabolic syndrome. It also abounds in protein which takes longer to digest but makes you feel full longer.

Via Good Housekeeping

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