10 Health Benefits of The Humble Carrot




Carrots can be consumed in a vast number of forms such as mashed, roasted, grated, juices, stir-fried or even in cake.

Along their delicious taste, carrots can provide your body many health benefits.

10 Health Benefits of The Humble Carrot


Carrots could be compared with ginseng in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) because they both share the invigorating and tonic powers. So, both ginseng root and carrots support vitality and energy.

2.Digestive Tonic

According to the TCM, the potent properties of carrots strengthen the energy of the spleen and stimulate the elimination of waste.

They improve the flow of food through the gastrointestinal tract, regulate blood sugar and support blood building.

3.Support Lung Qi – Energy

TCM points out that carrots support the energy of the lungs.

4.Support the Health of the Lungs

The carrots abound in high content of vitamin A, which supports the mucous membranes of the lungs. They are anti-inflammatory agents which reduce coughs and mucous.

5.Anti-carcinogenic Properties

The bioactive compounds in carrots not only provide anti-carcinogenic properties but also aid in the apoptosis or death of cancer cells.

6.Nutritive Value

Carrots are rich in different vitamins and minerals. They are powerful source of carotenoids xanthophyll and zeaxanthin, precursors to vitamin A. Carrots abound in vitamin C, K, fiber and potassium. They are also high in lutein, an important substance for the eye health and lycopene, important for the health of prostate.

7.Increase Breast Milk Flow

Carrots are known as lactogenic food or food that promote the flow of breast milk. The vitamin A is important for the baby’s immunity and because it improves eye health. However, do not consume much carrots because your baby can turn orange a little.


Carrots boost your immune system and increase the number of white blood cells. It’s the carotenoids in carrots that support the immunity and build resistance to infection.

9.Eye Health

If you draw a parallel between a cut carrot and an eye you will see a striking similarity between them. Carrots are especially important for the eye health due to the high content of zeaxanthin and lutein.

10.Cancer Juice

The Gerson Therapy, uses a high amount of or juiced carrots to support the cancer treatment. When juiced, due to the removed fiber, the nutrients can be easily and quickly absorbed into the blood. Along the previously mentioned benefits, carrots provide anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor properties, support the digestion and flood the body with nutrition.

If carrots are not part of your diet, include them as soon as possible in order to boost your immunity and fight cancer.

Via Food Matters

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