These 10 Common Bad Habits will Destroy Your Kidneys





Kidneys are one of the vital organs in our body. They act as purifiers for your blood, absorb minerals, encourage the production and produce hormones, create urine, neutralize acids and eliminate toxins. This means that in case you want to maintain your health at a high level, you need to take care of your kidneys.

What is important to know is that damage or improper work of the kidneys is difficult to notice and people usually notice these problems only when the situation gets very serious. Therefore, there is a good reason why many people call kidney-related diseases – the silent diseases. Taking proper care of your kidney is crucial for your overall health.

Common Habits That Disrupt the Work of Your Kidneys

1. Using Too Much Salt.

Salt or sodium is substances that our body requires for proper functioning. Nevertheless, taking too much salt can be dangerous because it can increase the blood pressure and increase the pressure on the kidneys. The daily recommendation for salt consummation is about five grams.

2. Drinking Small Amounts of Water.

As mentioned before, the basic task of the kidneys is to clean the blood and gets rid of the waste toxins from your body. In case you don’t drink much water, these dangerous materials will start to build up in the system and as a result, you will experience problems in different parts of the body.

3. Forget About Sugar.

Many researchers have confirmed that drinking more than two sugary beverages a day can increase the levels of protein in the urine. This is an early symptom that something is not right with the way your kidneys work.

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Kidneys - 10 Common Bad Habits info

4. Delaying Urination.

Many people ignore the first signs that they need to urinate because they don’t want to stop their activities or they simply don’t want to enter a public bathroom. However, this habit can increase the level of pressure in the kidneys and it can result in disorders such as kidneys failure, incontinence and even in kidney stones. The simplest solution is to visit the bathroom every time your system signals that you should.

5. Increased Level of Animal Proteins in The Body.

Excessive intake of proteins, especially through red meat will increase the pressure on your kidneys. This means that your kidneys have to process the materials faster and harder and this is something that can cause damage over some period.

6. Lack of Vitamins and Minerals.

Whole food diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables is crucial for your overall health and the work of your kidneys too. If you lack some nutrients such as minerals or vitamins in your diet there is a greater chance that you will develop kidney stones or other kidney-related disorders or diseases. Magnesium and Vitamin B6 are especially important in this process. According to some statistics, 8 out of 10 Americans are experiencing magnesium deficiency.

7. Drinking Too Much Coffee.

Coffee works in a similar way like salt because it increases the blood pressure and increases the pressure on the kidneys. If you are drinking too much coffee, you are increasing the chance to damage your kidneys.

8. Lack of Sleep.

Having a good night sleep is important because it re-energizes your body and helps the body achieve balance. Lack of sleep is one of the causes of many diseases including those related to kidneys. Always find time to nap at least a little.

9. Excessive Alcohol Consumption.

Alcohol contains toxins that can increase the pressure and disrupt the work of the kidneys. Of course, having a glass of wine or beer on a daily basis is just fine, but drinking more than that should be avoided.

10. Taking Too Many Painkillers.

There are many people who use painkillers at the first sign of pain and that’s wrong because we all know that painkillers come with many side effects like causing kidney and liver damage. Use natural remedies in order to avoid this damage and lower your pain.

Finally, in order to keep your health and avoid any problems with your kidneys, it is vital to include fresh fruits and vegetables and whole foods and it is also important to stay away from the habits we have mentioned in this article.

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