Wheat Grass Turns Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color!




Aging is a completely natural process that happens in every individual. This process is marked with many signs and gray hair is certainly first of the most frequent signs. According to some stats, about 50% of the individuals that are at least 50 years old have gray hair. Most people are trying to mask these hairs with the help of costly hair dyes, but this solution is not always effective and it definitely doesn’t look natural either. Gray hair is very persistent.

However, it turns out that eating young wheat grass on a regular basis can return the natural hair color in every individual. This is certainly good news for people who want to bring back the natural color of their hair.

Wheat Grass Turns Gray Hair Back To Its Natural Color!

What is even better is that consumption of wheat grass brings a few other health benefits. This incredible grass can slow down the aging process. With its help you can improve your skin health, cleanse the body and prevent and fight cancer.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the hair pigmentation is directly linked to the state of our blood and also the performance of our kidneys. So, gray hair is a clear indicator that the kidneys and blood are weak.

Wheat grass is made of 70% chlorophyll. This means that this plant is very useful when it comes to reestablishing blood and kidney health.

Chlorophyll is a compound that boost your blood’s content, bring oxygen and makes the blood stronger. It works in a similar way like hemoglobin which is the compound that delivers oxygen to blood. When you take chlorophyll, you actually transform its properties. It starts delivering nutrients like oxygen to all cells, organs and tissues which ultimately means their strengthening and protection.

According to Dr. Bernard Jensen, a very popular expert nutritionist, wheat grass juice and some other similar green juices have the ability to strengthen the structure of our blood.

He created a book, called the Health Magic Through Chlorophyll From Living Plant Life, in which he talks about the mechanism in which chlorophyll improves the number of red blood cells in a matter of days. For this purpose, he prepared a bath for his patients based on chlorophyll. He confirmed that wheat grass is even better when it comes to increasing the number of red blood cells.

More than a way to make ourselves look more beautiful

Wheat grass is packed with a myriad of nutrients that have the ability to strengthen and rejuvenate our body. Besides the high amount of chlorophyll, this plant also comes with more than 90 minerals, 15 essential amino acids, more than 10 vitamins and about 80 enzymes. As Dr. Earp-Thomas, a famous research scientists claims, about 15 pounds of wheat grass comes with the same amount of nutrients found in 350 pounds of lettuce, celery, carrots etc.

This incredible plant brings us great protection against many different illnesses. This is a completely natural and strong detoxifying plant that keeps our liver safe and removes harmful substances like nicotine, cadmium, mercury, strontium and polyvinyl chloride from the blood.

The truth is that cancer cells can’t thrive in environment that is rich in oxygen.

So, detox should be your primary goal. Wheat grass has strong anti-cancer properties and it was proven that it can stop the growth of tumors.

It is packed with liquid oxygen which means that with the help of increased oxygen level and increased number of red blood cells, wheat grass is actually combating cancer. As we have already mentioned, cancer can’t make progress in alkaline environment.

A scientific study revealed in the popular Mutation Research journal has shown that chlorophyll is more efficient than beta-carotene and vitamin A, E and C. The anti-cancer properties of chlorophyll are more efficient than any nutrient, be it a mineral or vitamin. If we consume wheat grass on a regular basis we are providing the ideal nutrition for our body.

The good news is that we are witnessing the results of new health studies almost every day. Today, we have reliable evidence that wheat grass can cure many different diseases. Wheat grass can soothe pain, slow down the aging process and boost our health in general. This is a cheap alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.


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