6 Reasons Why You Should Not Throw Away Used Tea Bags




The basic idea of using tea bags is to make hot or iced tea. Once the tea is prepared we usually throw the used bags in the bin. We are always wondering whether they can be reused to make another tea, but only a small percentage of people know that they also can be used for many other things.

As you are probably aware, there are many different types of tea made of different herbs found in nature. Not all of them have the same properties – some of them are good for the stomach, others bring positive effects on the mood, while some of them are excellent in fighting certain infections.

The same goes for the uses for used tea bags. Although you will get positive effects that we have mentioned before from all of them, you can expect to get specific benefits if you use certainly used bags.

How To Get The Most From Used Tea Bags

The number of reasons why you should keep used tea bags even when your tea is ready will amaze you. The list of benefits of using these bags is long and this is why we will focus only on the six most important reasons.

1.   Used Tea Bags For Skin

By applying a used bag as a cold compress on your eyelids, those who suffer from dark circles can notice how the swelling is slowly fading away. The same goes for those suffering redness in this area.

When it comes to used peppermint tea bags, they can provide the best result if they are used as remedies for dry skin. Use a soaked used peppermint tea bag to treat your elbows and knees and any other body part, which is usually drier than the rest of the body.

2.   Used Tea Bags For Hair

Once you finish your tasty tea, you can treat your hair with a used chamomile tea bag. Many people can confirm that used chamomile tea bags are good hair lighteners. Rinsing your hair with these bags can also successfully remove dandruff from the scalp.

3.   Used Tea Bags For Acne

In order to feel the positive effects of used tea bags on areas affected by acne, you will have to complete a simple procedure. Put the used bag in cold water for a couple of minutes and apply it directly to the affected area. The calming properties of the tea will have a positive impact on the area. You can expect a temporary calmness soon.

4.   Used Tea Bags For Smelly Shoes

Teabags that were already used for the preparation of a nice hot beverage can also be used in order to eliminate bad odor from your shoes. Just leave the used tea bag in the shoe overnight and avoid the unpleasant smell in the morning.

Green tea has powerful antioxidant properties, but when we talk about the things you can do with used tea bags, green tea bags can be helpful for the elimination of bad smells and as part of composts. They are also known as good air fresheners.

5.   Used Tea Bags For Window Cleaning

The specific substances found in tea can easily remove the dirt and dust from your windows. Of course, you can “create” this window cleaning solution by using a used teabag. Wait until the tea bag cools down and pour the content in a sprayer. Use it as a regular sprayer for window cleaning.

6.   Used Tea Bags For Plants

These tea bags can also be used to feed the plants. The content of a used bag can be used as a powerful fertilizer. Simply open the tea bag and put the content in the soil. You can also use them on the surface – put several soaked used tea bags and place them around the plant’s stem. This is a great idea in case you plan to be absent from your home for a couple of days.

Used Tea Bags

Tips and tricks

Although the list of things that you can do with used tea bags is long, it is good to know that some teas contain toxins. The effects of these teas and their used bags are not very beneficial for your health. So, try to find organic and completely natural teas, which don’t contain any potentially harmful substances.

The best time to reuse these tea bags is right after you are finished with your tea. The moisture in the bag can attract bacteria and those with sensitive skin for example can experience some side effects. In case you are wondering how to store used tea bags, you should know that storing them in a fridge is one of the most convenient and safe options.

These are only some of the ways in which you can use these tea bags so make sure you gather information from The Survival Gardener in order to find out more about this subject. One thing is for sure – the value of the teabag is not reduced once you make a hot beverage.

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