Turmeric Extract Strikes To The Root Cause of Cancer Malignancy




PH, the researchers found out the effectiveness of curcumin in the treatment of cancer. The polyphenol is present in the Indian spice turmeric and can target the cancer stem cells which are the main reason for formation of tumour as well as for malignancy.

Most of the cancer cells present within the tumor have the capacity of self-renewal. But, its maintenance and growth is accelerated by the minor number of cancer cells that are termed as the cancer stem cells. These cancer stem cells yield new tumors and are harmful.


According to the experiments performed it was found out that the tumor reoccur after the treatment of chemotherapy and radiotherapy and it takes years to manifest.

Though it is possible to perform a surgery so as to debulk the tumor, but after this the cancer stem cells enriched and even resulted in death of the patient soon.

It resulted into the rapid demise of the patient as the tumor mass that regrows is resistant to treatment and is more invasive than before.

It is a need to develop alternative treatments as the present treatments not only make the tumor cells regrow and more invasive, it also kills the harmless or less harmful cells.

The amazing Role of Turmeric to kill cancer stem cells

Various studies have revealed that curcumin extract and turmeric can kill the various cancer cells. But, it is disheartening to know that not many patients are aware of this effective remedy for the treatment of tumor, which is both safe as well as affordable.

There are numerous ways in which curcumin offers a therapy that targets on the cancer stem cells.

  • Regulates the renewal of the CSC:  curcumin influences the self-renewal pathways present in the cancer stem cells. There are as many as 12 different cancer cell that curcumin can target.
  • microRNA Modulation: These regulate the protein coding genes in humans. Curcumin alters the microRNAs that is present in the CSCs and suppresses formation of tumor.
  • Anti-cancer activity: The best part is that Curcumin does not kill the healthy cells, it only kills the CSCs. This makes it more effective remedy.

The researchers also performed various experiments so as to judge whether Curcumin is fit for human consumption and they were satisfied. It has been revealed that it is a great remedy and causes no toxicity.

Curcumin and its various modified forms has great potentials and inhibits the numerous types of cancers. It has great impacts on breast, brain, pancreatic and even esophagel cancers. It is great to evaluate the results of Curcumin on various other cancers too.

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