8 Best Home Remedies and Holistic Treatments for Tinnitus (Ringing in The Ears)




Our ears can be affected by several conditions and tinnitus is definitely one of the conditions that cause high level of frustration. This health condition lowers the individual’s hearing ability. People suffering from tinnitus are hearing numerous uncomfortable sounds like hissing, ringing and buzzing almost all the time which means that they have difficulties in their everyday life.

Ear infections, exposed to very loud sounds/noise, ear injuries in which the nerve endings are affected – these are some of the reasons that lead to tinnitus.

Modern medicine has still not found a reliable treatment for this condition, but the fact is that there are some natural remedies for tinnitus and holistic treatments that can ease the annoying effects and help people bring back their normal lives.

Foods and Supplements

1. Gingko Biloba

Gingko biloba has the ability to boost blood circulation in the brain, head and neck area. In addition, this herb eases inflammation located in blood vessels which means it supports better blood flow to the capillaries nurturing the nerves around our ears.

We must point out that gingko biloba is not some kind of miracle, quick remedy in cases of tinnitus. It takes a significant amount of time to solve this problem. The best idea is to use gingko together with some other natural remedies for relieving tinnitus.

2. Coenzyme Q10 or Simply CoQ10

There were a few clinical trials made in the past focused on the impact of coenzyme Q10 on individuals suffering from tinnitus. About nine years ago, the Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery journal revealed these discoveries, highlighting the fact that coenzyme Q10 has the ability to aid people dealing with constant noises in their ears caused by tinnitus.

In addition, Dr, James Fettig, a famous chiropractor, says that it is quite useful to include coenzyme Q10 in your treatment because it soothes symptoms related to tinnitus. According to Dr. Fettig, taking such supplement can produce the necessary energy inside the mitochondria cell which leads to better protection against strokes and heart attacks and at the same time it relieves tinnitus by boosting blood circulation in general.

Dr. Fettig says that taking about 200 mg of CoQ10 a day should be enough to notice radical improvement. Talk to your naturopath in order to find the right dosage for you.

3. Caffeine

It was proven that caffeine lowers blood flow to the ears, neck and head, tightening capillaries and similar blood vessels. In other words, caffeine makes the situation with tinnitus worse.

4. Salt

Taking too much salt can increase blood pressure, leading to high blood pressure (hypertension) and tinnitus. In case you are at risk from the negative impact of sodium, cutting salt intake is a very smart move because it should be able to reduce blood pressure and soothe the symptoms of tinnitus.

Management of Noise

5. Loud Noises

Stay away from sources of loud music and loud noise in order to keep your ears safe. Loud music/noises can lead to extra damage to your ears and they can be very painful and uncomfortable to people suffering from tinnitus.

6. White Noise

Turning on a generator of white noise or a fan during the night can help you cover the noises and ease the symptoms. The calming and mild noises created by these devices lead to distraction and this distraction covers the noises caused by tinnitus. These facts were presented by the ASLHA – American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Mechanical Solutions

7. Wax Accumulation

There are a huge number of people who have tinnitus that may be at risk of hearing loss due to the presence of wax accumulation in their ears. According to the ATA or American Tinnitus Association, it is highly recommended to consult an audiologist in order to inspect your ears and evaluate the health condition before taking some more radical measures. Once the wax buildup is removed, people may notice that most of their hearing is back and that tinnitus affects are no longer intense.

8. Finger Drumming Method

This technique may lead to reduction in buzzing in the ears. It was tested and recommended by Dr. Jan Strydom. Put the palms of the hands right over the ears while the fingers are gently pressed on the back of the head. Make sure that the middle fingers are positioned toward each other right above the skull’s basis.

Put the index fingers on the highest point of the middle fingers and simply snap the index fingers on the skill which will lead to an intense, drumming sound. Perform this procedure up to 50 times. There are individuals who feel better right after they perform this technique Perform this procedure a few times on a daily basis until you notice improvement.

Via Natural News

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