Treating Insomnia with Zopiclone 

 April 7, 2021

By  Gabriela

Having insomnia is unpleasant. You cannot sleep well at night, and it will affect your performance during the day. You can lose your energy easily and you can have difficulties in handling your tasks.

This can also become serious since prolonged insomnia can lead to some health issues. Surely, you really want to sleep well. In fact, there are some medicines containing sedative and other effects that can help you to sleep easily.

The medicines can affect your brain and body so later you can gain your quality sleep. One of these medicines is Zopiclone. This is alternative medicine to ease and treat the insomnia. Those who cannot sleep well, have nocturnal awakening, and other kinds of problem in sleep can get the help from the medicines. 

How the Medicine Works

Although this is type of medicines to treat insomnia, in fact this is not part of benzodiazepine medication. Since it is non-benzodiazepine, it has something good to offer compared to the other medications, and one of them is its low risks of medication dependence so later you are able to stop the medicines easily once you get your healthy rhythm for sleep.

The effect of medicine will be direct, especially in reducing the REM or Rapid Eye Movement. This is one of the condition that make people cannot sleep easily, so once it is reduced, it will be easier to fall asleep. Then, it has no such big effect in elongating the time spent for sleeping.

How it works to help those with insomnia is by preserving the slow wave sleep. That is why it is still able to help people to sleep faster and later they will not have problem such as nocturnal and early awakening. 

The Effect of Zopiclone

As what is mentioned, the medicine is helpful by reducing the REM and maintaining slow wave sleep. This can happen since the chemical in the medicine will block the ghrelin receptors. The receptors are responsible for assisting the body in producing and releasing energy.

Once the receptors are blocked, body can relax that later help you sleep faster. Then, this is helpful to manage the sleep and wake cycle. Those who have insomnia commonly have problems in maintaining the cycle, and later the medicines can help them to manage it into the better one. 

However, taking the medicine should use prescription. This is not type of medicines that can be bought freely. Recommendation from doctor is necessary since there are some body conditions that should get attention before taking the medicine.

For example, pregnant women or breastfeeding mother cannot take the medicines. Then, those who have breathing issues should also avoid the medicines. Of course, people with the allergy of zopiclone should also avoid the medicines.

Lastly, some medicines cannot interact well with this type of medicines, so the composition of medicines should get proper attention. It is the reason why taking the medicines should be based on recommendation and prescription of doctor.

These are necessary to make sure that the medicines can bring effectiveness in treating the insomnia and prevent any side effects of the medication.

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