Top 5 Tips to Get Toned Arms Without Lifting Weights




Let’s be honest – only a small number of people have the time and willpower to visit the gym for a long period. The good news is that you can still get toned arms without lifting weights and without visiting the gym every day.

According to Jasmine Graham, owner of the popular boutique gym called Fit Factory NYC, certain arm workouts don’t require weights and still provide you with some amazing results. What is even better is the fact that you can do them at your own home.

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The Best 5 Exercises to Get Toned Arms

Each of these moves should be performed in 60 seconds. The first exercises can be only 5 minutes long and you can gradually extend the time spent on these exercises over time.

1. Wall Push-Ups

We are well aware of the fact that pushups are not very easy to perform, but thanks to the wall push-ups you can regulate the intensity and difficulty that suits your strength and goals. They are much easier than traditional push-ups.

To perform wall push-ups, stand up and face the wall. Keep your face about 5 to 6 inches away from the wall. Put your hand on the wall and keep them shoulder-width apart. Get back as much as you can and keep your feet on the ground. Inhale once you start going down while keeping your gluteus muscles tucked. Start exhaling once you push your body from the wall.

If you determine that this exercise is a little bit difficult, you can take a full step back and walk your feet in until you find a comfortable position.Wall Push-Ups2. Floor dips

People often do dips in the chair because they find this way to be the most convenient one. However, they often make mistakes and lift very high putting pressure on the pelvis instead of working on their arms. That’s why experts recommend floor dips.

To perform these dips you need to sit on the ground and keep your knees bent while your fingers and feet placed forward (something like a crab-walk position). After that, tuck your gluteus muscles, tighten your abdominal muscles, and lift your pelvis until you reach a reverse tabletop position. Place your body lower by bending your arms relying on your triceps. Once you are slightly above the ground, don’t sit down and keep your arm and core muscles active. Perform this exercise for 60 seconds.

If you have never performed these exercises before it is not a problem if you touch the floor, but try to do that gently and without remaining in that position for a long time.Floor dips
3. Half Circle Arm Rotations

If you have ever been a member of a gym you probably remember the arm circles you’ve performed there. They are excellent for building muscle mass and strength, but the cycling motion makes people lose the feeling and perform irregular circles after a while. Instead of full-arm circles, you can do half-circle rotations. They are proven to be more efficient when it comes to building arm muscles.

If you want to perform this exercise, simply stand up, keep your feet hip-width apart, and keep your arms parallel to the ground. Put your palms in front of you and cup both hands like you have an apple in each hand. Perform a rotating movement with your whole arm forward in a half circle. In this way, you will move your cupped hand from the front to the back of your body. To get better effects hold your elbows locked. After that, rotate your arms in their initial position. Perform this rotation in a fast manner.

This motion is similar to slap back and slap forward.Half Circle Arm Rotations4. Weight-Free Rows

If you want to create the necessary resistance with a weight-free row you will have to rely on your fist. This is an exercise that is usually performed with a dumbbell, but holding your fist tightly can provide similar effects.

Bend forward and bend both elbows at your sides. Pull your arms back and keep the elbows bent. This is how you will create a rowing motion. In this way, you will activate the triceps and biceps and all the muscles in your upper back. Repeat this procedure for 60 seconds.

Remember to hold your arms very close to the sides to get the best results.Weight-Free Rows5. X Jumps

X jumps are not reserved for cheerleaders. Anyone can and should perform X jumps because they are an excellent cardio exercise that strengthens the muscles in your legs and stomach too.

Simply, stand up with your feet spread shoulder-width apart. Keep your arms by the sides. Jump in the air and spread your arms as much as you can over your head. You will get an X shape. As you get back to your initial position, bend both of your knees a little bit to perform a soft landing.

It is okay to perform this exercise for less than 60 seconds in the first few days because this is a really difficult exercise.

X Jumps

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