This Woman Puts a Tea Bag in a Sink Full of Dirty Dishes … You Must See What Happens [VIDEO]





No matter if you are leaving alone, with your partner or you have kids, the situation where you come home after a long day at work and notice a pile of dishes in the sink happens quite often. In the end, it doesn’t really matter who is responsible for that because you will have to leave every other activity aside until you clean those dishes. It would be perfect if there is someone else there who is happy to perform this task, but the truth is that you are on your own.

Luckily, this cleaning trick can help you. The next time you are faced with a pile of dishes in your sink, simply put one or two tea bags in the water and let the dishes soak in this solution. The tea acts as an excellent degreaser and it removes food stains. In the end, you will need to perform only a gentle scrubbing.

Although tea is primarily a beverage, many other beverages and foods can be used in the kitchen and household in general in as household cleaners. Tea is certainly one of these ingredients. Besides using it as a degreaser, tea is often used as a deodorizer too. Keep in mind that we are talking about used tea bags.

Therefore, once you prepare a tea you can use them for cleaning purposes, which means that you are not losing anything. In addition, the leaves left in the bag after tea preparation can be applied on the skin in order to treat skin irritations.

Here is also why you should never throw away used tea bags.

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