The Horrifying Reason That Your Eyes Go Red in the Pool




According to an official that works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the redness in the eyes that we experience when swimming is not caused by chlorine.

Dr. Michael J. beach, associate at this organization, claims that chlorine is trying to establish a connection with the things it wants to eliminate in our body and this connection results in the formation of chemical irritants. This is what leads to red eyes – the binding of chlorine to sweat and urine.

The Centers for Disease Control or CDC worked together with Water Quality and the Health Council and the National Swimming Pool Foundation for their yearly healthy Swimming Program in order to raise the awareness in Americans about the negative effects that can happen when using pools and how to keep you healthy when using the pool.

Beach has also pointed out that the cough people frequently catch from an indoor pool is a direct result of a chemical reaction. It is actually our pee that leads to cough not chlorine.

According to Dr. Beach, in the recent period the number of diseases and health conditions related to the use of public swimming pools is increasing.

One of the main reasons is the number of people who use the pools although they have diarrhea.

Of course, they don’t need to defecate inside the pool in order to make problems because the germs that their body contains can be spread through water. The CDC advises swimmers to take shower right before using pools.

Beach says that they have identified a parasitic germ that appears to be fully immune to chlorine. That’s why people need to find a way to keep it out of these places and to take additional measures.

The myth that chlorine kills every germ from the moment it establishes a connection is not true and chlorine needs some time before it disinfects each germ. For example, it takes about 60 seconds for chlorine to eliminate Escherichia Coli, about 16 minutes to eliminate Hepatitis A and Cryptosporidium parasite can exist in pools for about 10 days.

According to the CDC, the best way to protect ourselves from pool water illnesses is to try to keep these vicious germs out of the water and to start following these steps for a healthy pool swimming:

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