10 Stretches for A Pain-Free Back




Back pain is a very common issue that many people face with. It is not always a result of some serious condition but it can be triggered by improper standing, sitting, lifting or bending. The condition of your back depends on your posture and spinal alignment. The better the posture and flexibility, the better the back is.

There are 10 stretches that will relieve the symptoms of back pain and speed up the recovery. They are taken from the book 2 Weeks to a Better Back, which main aim is to improve the health of your spine and correct the postural imbalances.

These exercises won’t only release your back pain but will also improve the quality of your life. The implementation of these stretches into your daily routine will relieve your back pain in less than 3 weeks. If you keep on practicing them for even longer period of time, you will be surprised how the vitality and flexibility of your back improve.

Note: These stretches include Backbridge, a tool created to help you stretch your back or use a stability ball.

1. Backbridge Extension

1. Backbridge Extension

First, sit and lie back on the top of the stability ball or Backbridge so that the it lies the shoulder blades while the head touches the floor.
1. Backbridge Extension

Relax your arms at the back of your head and stay in that position for two minutes.

Practice this exercise two times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

If this is not your ideal stretch, try the following ones.

1. Backbridge Extension

2. Spinal Stretch

Lie on the back, place the stability ball or Backbridge below your knees. Then place your arms behind you in order to extend the spine.

Spinal Stretch

3. Side Lying Stretch

Lie with your face down over the stability ball or the Backbridge, put the hands in front of you. Do a half push up by elevating the upper torso while the pelvis is still on the ball. Look at the ceiling and stay in that position for 5 seconds, lower yourself and repeat again.

Side Lying Stretch

This will improve your lower back and lumbar extenders while lengthening and stretching the core.

Side Lying Stretch

Lie on the side while stretching over the stability ball or the Backbridge. Grab the wrist of the one hand with the bottom of the opposite hand and extend the arms overhead.

Side Lying Stretch

4. Abdominal Stretch (Cobra)

Abdominal Stretch (Cobra)

5. Reclining Twist

Put the stability ball or Backbridge, about 12 inches to the side of your hips. Pull one knee toward the chest while lie flat the other leg on the floor. Place the bent knee on the Backbridge. Repeat this stretch on the other side. Make sure that both of your shoulders are on the floor during this exercise.

Reclining Twist

6. Knees to Chest

Lie back with your butt placed on the top of the stability ball or the Backbridge. Wrap the knees with your hands and pull them to your chest. Stay in that position for several seconds. If you find it difficult to wrap your knees, place the hands behind the legs.

Knees to Chest

7. Single Knee to Chest

Bring one of your legs toward your chest while the other one is flat on the floor.

Single Knee to Chest

Gently angle your knee inward and outward, stretching different points of your hip.

Single Knee to Chest

8. Piriformis and Outer Hip

Lie back on the floor with your butt placed at the top of the stability ball or the Backbridge. Bent both of the knees, one leg crossed over the other so that they form the number 4. Wrap the uncrossed leg with your hands and pull toward you.

Piriformis and Outer Hip

9. Lower Latissimus and Lumbar Rotators

Sit on the highest point of the stability ball or the Backbridge and place your legs in a V position. Lift one of your hands and place right on the opposite ankle.

Lower Latissimus and Lumbar Rotators

Let the hands meet and rotate the torso and head with your face down while looking at your right knee.

Lower Latissimus and Lumbar Rotators

While stretching, raise one of your arms over your head, straightening with the palm down in a parallel position to the floor.

Lower Latissimus and Lumbar Rotators

10. Seated Forward Fold

Sit on the stability ball or the Backbridge as shown on the picture. Extend your legs in front of you. While sitting tall, slowly bend forward over your legs in order to reach your feet.

Seated Forward Fold

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