Why Steve Jobs Didn’t Let His Kids Use iPad and Why You Shouldn’t Either?




If you belong to the so-called Generation Y (people born between 1980 and 2000) you have probably thought a lot about how you would teach your children and how you will raise them today (in case you still don’t have children).

There is no doubt that thanks to the rapid advances in technology, the childhood of modern children has drastically changed from the childhoods that kids had in the 90s. So, the question is whether you are prepared to let your kid use an iPod or iPad regularly.

Many people don’t know that Steve Jobs didn’t allow his children to use these devices when they were young. He confirmed that in an interview for the New York Times. The reporter was interested in how much time his kids spend on their iPads, but he was surprised to hear that Mr. Jobs set limitations on how much tech his kids use at their home and that they have never actually used an iPad.

This is a trend in Silicon Valley where most of the engineers and people involved in technology innovations tend to protect their children from the technology they create. Most of them are sending their children to schools that are not related to technology like the Waldorf School where the classes are conducted without computers.

Chris Anderson, CEO of the successful 3D Robotics company and a father of five children is one of the rare successful engineers that wanted to share his thoughts about this trend. He decided to tell the world why he believes that tech shouldn’t play a significant part in any kid’s life.

According to Anderson, both his kids and his wife are not very satisfied with the limitations he has set and they point out that other kids don’t have to restrain themselves from using tech gadgets. But, at the same time, Anderson says that his own experience and the dangers that technology brings are enough to make his children stay away from technology.

There are numerous recorded cases of people who are addicted to their iPhones and similar gadgets and since this is something that is happening to adults imagine how fast kids can develop this type of addiction. By letting your kids use these gadgets all the time, you are ruining their childhood because they won’t develop their imagination and creativity as they should.

Steve Jobs Didn't Let His Kids Use iPad

Have you noticed that the streets today are quieter than ever before?

The reason for that is simple – generation Y was the last generation that didn’t have sophisticated technology gadgets and that’s why they’ve spent their time outside. Children back then developed their movement and motor skills through games played outside. They were reading standard books to learn more and used direct contact with other kids to find out more about life. They didn’t have Google to get all the answers.

Kids had several ways to develop all these skills and this is exactly why this generation managed to become so successful. This leads us once again in front of the modern dilemma – should we let our smartphones and computers teach our children or should we ban the use of these items to become more creative, intelligent, and healthier? There is no strict answer to this question, but Jobs was certainly right when he decided to limit the use of these devices.

This means that the next time when you look at some new gadgets that look like a perfect solution to keep your kid busy think twice before buying that device. A time spent with your kid in the park or a walk in nature will surely bring more positive effects. The kids will probably protest, but you should know that you are doing this for their own good.

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