What Does Your Sleeping Position Say About You?




There are several positions in which people usually sleep. Now let’s highlight the main characteristics of persons depending on their sleeping position.

Sleeping Position – Types

Fetus. This is one of the most frequently used positions. People who sleep in a position of unborn baby usually appear brave and strong, but they are very soft and calm on an emotional level. Shyness is one of their characteristics especially when they are surrounded with people that they don’t know, but they can be fun and entertaining when they relax. 4 out of 10 persons are sleeping in this position and about 3 of those persons are women.

Emotional. Those who sleep on the side with spread hands in front of them are people without prejudices and people who can easily adjust in any environment. However, they can often be suspicious, sarcastic and cynical. They tend to analyze things and that’s why they make their decisions slowly, but once they start doing something they won’t stop until they are finished.

Kindle. This is one of the rarest sleeping positions where people are lying on the side and keep their hands parallel and stretched to the body. These people are usually relaxed and happy and they enjoy crowds and big companies. In addition, they have a tendency to trust people that they don’t know and that’s why they often experience troubles.

sleeping position

Soldier. People who are sleeping on their back and keep their hand close to their body are sleeping in a position of a soldier. These people are very quiet, introverted and reserved to people they don’t know. They avoid big crowds and they often expect too much from themselves and the people close to them.

Starfish. This is a position where the person who sleeps is on their back and arms are raised right above their head or under the pillow. It is believed that these individuals are great friends because they are excellent listeners and they are always to prepared people in need. They are humble and don’t like being the center of attention.

Freefall. This is a position where the individual is on their stomach and keeps the arms under or around the pillow while the head is placed on the left or on the right. These people are also very friendly, but they are not emotionally stable. They don’t like criticism, they can’t deal with pressure and that’s why they are often short-tempered and nervous.

A recent study about sleeping habits and sleeping position has confirmed that vast majority of people keep the same position in which they sleep during their lifetime. About 5% of people that were part of this study said that they don’t have a permanent sleeping position – they change it once in a while.

Another study was researching the connection between sleeping position and health. The scientists have concluded that those suffering from digestive problems should practice freefall position. On the other hand, people who prefer starfish and solider position will probably have to deal with nightmares and snoring at some point in their lives.

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