How to Tell If Your Eggs Came from a Sick Chicken (How To Find Healthy Eggs)




We can all agree that rarely any other meal is as tasty as ideally cooked and healthy eggs. It doesn’t matter if you prefer fried eggs, boiled, poached or scrambled eggs – a good egg will always help you start the day in a good mood.

However, there are cases when the eggs come from chicken that are not very healthy. So, how can we tell if the eggs we are consuming come from healthy chickens?

Healthy Eggs - How to Tell If Your Eggs Came from a Sick Chicken

What is Healthy Chicken

To start with, it is crucial to find out what makes a healthy chicken. A chicken with good health is a chicken that consumes different foods and consumes foods that it really needs. You’ll be surprised to hear the chicken eat meat too. They are fond of snakes, bugs and even rodents. Chickens are not very picky when it comes to food.

If the chicken is fed well, then the nutrients it takes are transferred to the eggs. In order to use these nutrients to the maximum, chickens must get enough room to move around and get some fresh air too. If the chickens are locked in small hatches all the time, they will definitely produce eggs with lower quality.

What Makes Healthy Eggs

Is it possible to determine the appearance of good healthy eggs? – Of course.

If you are in a dilemma whether the eggs you are buying are good or not, check some of these qualities:

  • The thickness of yolk – This is a very important quality closely related to the overall quality of eggs. Healthy chickens lay eggs that have rounder and thicker yolks. In other words, their yolks are more delicious and provide more nutrients.
  • The color of yolk: The vast majority of people buy eggs that have light yellow or bright yolks. However, this is not the healthiest option. The yolks should have a true orange color. A deeper orange color is better. Simply compare the colors of yolk from several eggs to determine whether the supplier uses different farms or the same farm.
  • The density and thickness of shell – In case the eggs tend to crack even from gentle tapping, look for other eggs. If the chicken nutrition is good, they will be healthier and have strong egg shells. If the eggs are laid by a healthy chicken, you should put some effort to crack it.  

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Studies and research have confirmed the importance of good nutrition in chickens. A recent Hobby Farms states that by improving beta carotene intake in chickens’ results in increased quantity of beta carotene in the eggs. In addition, the Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry suggests that if the chicken’s diet is enriched with more DHA, the eggs of the chicken will contain with more omega-3 fatty acids.

Where Can We Buy The Healthiest Eggs?

Now that you know how healthy chicken eggs look like, you are probably wondering where you can find them. The good news is that the agricultural industry is growing and so is homesteading, so you will have few alternatives for obtaining eggs.

In case you live in a place where you can keep chickens, you should try to raise some chickens and you will get eggs in abundance for you and your family. These chickens can eliminate scraps in the yard, control the growth of insect population and provide tasty eggs!

Of course, feel free to get in touch with local farms and check how they raise their chickens. In case they leave the hens to move freely and give them proper food, you should definitely try these eggs.

Try eggs with orange yolks today. We are sure that you will stick to them in the future.

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