Say Goodbye to Breast Cysts Using This Natural Remedy 

 February 12, 2021

By  Gabriela

Breast cysts are fluid-filled sacks or benign lumps inside the breast in contrast to those with malignant cancerous cells. They can be single or multiple cysts that can appear on both breasts and are especially present in women from 30-60 years old.

This kind of cysts develops as a result of hormonal imbalance, a common condition in pre and post-menopausal women, or as hormone replacement therapy. Other reasons include excessive use of caffeinated beverages, alcohol, and vitamin D deficiency.

If you experience a problematic cyst, you may drain it but bear in mind that such cyst can reappear.

Among the conventional types of treatment is surgical removal, one of the most aggressive methods.

One of the safest ways to treat this condition is by using natural remedies which provided many effective results for a lot of women.

Among the most effective natural treatments of breast cysts belong:

1. Wheat juice

You need the following ingredients:

  • Fresh green wheat leaves;
  • Water;
  • Ice cube container.

2.Method of preparation:

First, grind the wheat leaves so that their juice is extracted. Pour the juice into an ice container and let it freeze. Every morning, put one cube of ice in a glass of water and drink it for 3 months. This is such an effective remedy for breast cyst removal due to the abundance of amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Also, it is beneficial for the kidney and ovary cysts.

2. Mixed Tea

You need the following ingredients:

  • Mint;
  • Calendula;
  • Elderberries;
  • Yarrow;
  • Mistletoe;
  • Water.

Method of preparation:

Combine all of the ingredients and cook them until they boil. You may notice the first results after half a year but it will definitely provide extremely effective results. The healthy properties of these ingredients will improve your immune system, prevent the growth of tumors and reduce inflammation. Consume 1l of this drink for at least six months. Also, it is of crucial importance to consume healthy and balanced food during the treatment. It is recommended to stay away from dairy products and alcohol. In order to intensify the power of this remedy add some drops of yarrow, sage, lemon balm, and mistletoe.  This will reduce the tension and stress and will calm your body.

3. Houseleek

This a potent house plant that has a range of health qualities. It can help you treat different diseases such as ovary, kidney, and breast cysts.

You need the following ingredients:

  • 300g houseleek leaves;
  • 300g organic honey.

Method of preparation:

First, wash well the houseleek leaves and then grind them. When well-blended add the natural honey. Mix the combination well until you get a homogenous paste. Store the mixture in a glass jar. Store it in a fridge for a week and stir it every day. Eat one teaspoon of this paste, three times a day, before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Via Natural Beauty Tips

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