Remove the Hair on Face and Body Forever with These Egyptian Recipes




Why use expensive hair removal products when people have invented efficient easy-to-make recipes thousands of years ago. With the help of these recipes you will remove the hair on face and body. What is even better is the fact that the hair will stop to grow after a few months of regular use of the recipes.

First of all, take a full hand of nut shells and burn them until they create ashes. Take the ashes, place them in water and leave them for half a day. After that, soak gauze in the water and apply it on the areas on your body where the unwanted hair grows. You should perform this procedure few times a day. Remember to keep the gauze in place for around 30 minutes.

You can expect the results in few weeks. Your body will be saved from unwanted hair permanently.

Body Sugaring – An Ancient Egyptian Art

You can rarely find such an effective and cost affordable homemade method to remove the hair on face and body like body sugaring. Many consider this method to be a much better alternative to waxing and shaving. Unlike shaving, with body sugaring you can remove the hair on face and body from its root. This means that once the hair grows back it is much thinner and eventually it will stop growing completely.

Body sugaring requires a creation of thick paste made of heated mixture of sugar, lemon juice and water. Once the paste is cooled down (to the point where your skin won’t feel pain) you can apply it on your skin, cover the application with cotton strips of cloth and then rip off the cloth fast. In most cases body sugaring is much more pleasant compared to waxing. Those who are interested in preparation of this interesting ancient hair removal product should follow these steps:


  • 2 cups of sugar.
  • ¼ cup of water.
  • ¼ cup of lemon juice.


  • Candy thermometer.

Remove the Hair on Face and Body

Remove the Hair on Face and Body – Directions:

Put all the ingredients in a heavy saucepan and heat this mixture slowly using a candy thermometer. Keep a close eye on the mixture in order to avoid boiling. Remember that you are trying to reach the hardball candy stage, so heat the mixture to 250 F (120 Celsius). Once the effect is reached, remove it from the heat and wait until it cools down. After that, pour the mixture into a jar. Since you will need to reheat the mixture in the future, make sure you are using a jar that can resist the reheating process.

Use one inch strips of clean cotton fabric to cover the mixture on your body. Make sure that the mixture is cooled down enough to avoid skin burning. You can use the palm of your hand to test the heat, although this is not the most sensitive part of the body. Apply the cooled mixture on the “problematic” areas by using a Popsicle stick or dull knife. Place the cloth strips over the mixture and wait for few minutes before your rip them off.

Thanks to these recipes you can remove the hair on face and body permanently and forever.

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