Amazing Exercise without Movement Tightens Every Muscle and Helps You Get Rid of the Extra Weight!




The popularity of Plank exercise is growing around the globe. This is a very effective exercise that has impact mostly on the abs, but it also affects the rest of muscle groups. By practicing this exercise for 5 minutes a day you will get amazing results in a matter of days.

The basic idea of Plank exercise is to “hover” above the floor for few minutes by using your feet and hands. Of course, being in this position even for two minutes is very difficult. As the seconds pass different muscle groups are activated and in the end you can expect stronger back muscles, perfect buttocks, sculpted legs, flat abs and perfect arms.

What is Plank exactly?

Plank is a form of static workout. Practitioners don’t have to move and the most important thing is to hold the body in the right position.

To start with, lie on the floor with your stomach on the ground. Bend both of your elbows in a 90 degree position and use your elbows to hold your body above the ground. You should form a straight line with your body from your pate to your heels.

In the end, you should rely only on the fingertips on your feet and your forearms. Make sure that the elbows are positioned right under your shoulders. Try to hold your body as straight as possible and be tensed (don’t relax). Avoid lowering your hips toward the ground.

Now let’s take a closer look at the rest of the body parts and their position.

The legs should be tight and straight in order to keep the abdominal muscles tight too. In this way this muscle will grow.

The feet should be assembled so that you can keep the balance and redirect the pressure in the abs.

Tighten Every Muscle and Get Rid of Extra Weight - Plank

The lower back is one of the most important areas. If you want to get the maximum effects from the Plank exercise, keep your lower back flat. You should keep a position like you are holding your back against a wall.

When it comes to the buttocks they should remain tight until you finish with this Plank exercise. Tight buttocks mean that every muscle in the lower part of the body is activated.

The stomach should be brought in as much as possible. Remain in this position, but try to breathe normally.

Finally, in order to eliminate the pressure from your shoulders place the elbows right under the shoulder joints.

Remain in this position as much as you can. For example, most people start with 10 seconds. Depending on your physical condition you can stay between 10 and 120 seconds when you try the Plank exercise for the first time. No matter how long you stay in this position, once you are done make a small break and do it again. Repeat this exercise for five times. If you are just starting, don’t push your limits.

What matters the most is to perform the Plank exercise regularly on a daily basis.

What can you expect from the Plank exercise?

Stronger back. As previously mentioned, the Plank exercise activates all the lower back muscles as well as the neck and shoulders. This is an excellent way to protect ourselves from osteochondrosis in the Medical News Today This is a great way to relieve shoulder pain too.

Sculpted buttocks. One of the points where the pressure is felt the most are the hamstrings legs and gluteal muscles. In addition to the better appearance of these muscles you will also eliminate cellulite.

Stretched hands. The hands are responsible to hold half of the weight during this exercise.

Beautiful feet. The rest of weight is held by the feet. In this way we are activating all muscle groups located in the legs. If you feel tension or experience a burning sensation in the muscles in this area you shouldn’t be worried because this is a clear sign that the muscles that were inactive for a longer period of time are finally activated.

Flat belly. Whenever the body is in this position, the abs are activated in all directions which ultimately leads to a flat belly.


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