New STI is Spread… Hundreds of People are Already Infected




The world is witnessing the emergence of a new type of STI – dozens of people around the world are already spreading it!

Experts are alerting that there is an increased number of cases related to the new, dangerous STI and the fact is that there are many people who don’t know that they are carriers. The worst part is that this vicious infection can lead to serious problems in the genitalia and result in temporary sterility.

Are you familiar with the term Mycoplasma? Well, many doctors have not heard about this type of germ either.

Sadly, this infection is transmitted through intimate intercourse and the majority of people suffering from Mycoplasma don’t know that they have it because it is very difficult to spot the signs and symptoms.

Some of the symptoms include pain, bleeding (in women), smelly discharge, and pain in the broader genital area, especially during intercourse.

But, the worst part is the impact that this permanent infection on our health.

Experts believe that one out of one hundred individuals has this infection. When it comes to women, the ones that are infected usually feel discomfort and pain during intercourse, unbalanced bleeding, Healthline, and tubal pregnancy. Men seem to experience a little bit milder manifestations.

Mycoplasma is a relatively frequent STD, but the fact is that science lacks much information about it. What is known for sure is that it is triggered by specific bacteria-like microorganisms and appears in the reproductive system.

The term used to describe this infection is used to name a group of bacteria that covers more than seventy species. However, only specific species that can be found in men and women were linked to the occurrence of infection and disease in humans.

A scientific study revealed eight years ago, has confirmed that the infection that comes as a result of the presence of Mycoplasma genitalium bacteria appears to be spreading very fast and according to some statistics there were more cases of Mycoplasma than gonorrhea in 2007.

As a matter of fact, Mycoplasma cases are the third most numerous STD cases among the younger population.

When it comes to teenagers who were interviewed in the study across the United States, about 4% of them had Chlamydia, 2.3% were diagnosed with Trichomonas, about 1% has Mycoplasma and about 0.4% had gonorrhea.

What is interesting is that a similar study has shown similar results in the United Kingdom. These results clearly show that it is not only the younger population that is at risk, but more and more middle-aged women and men are becoming infected too.

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