50 Easy Ways To Get Started When You Have Lots of Weight To Lose




There is no doubt that losing weight is not a smooth sail. On top of that, every individual is different and there is no universal weight loss plan that works for everyone equally.

This is the reason why we have come up with a list of 50 things that you should take into consideration when you have lots of weight to lose. So, let’s start.

1. Find Out Why You Want to Get Involved in a Weight Loss Process

According to Heather Bainbridge, nutrition experts at Temple University Hospital, people who know exactly why they want to start this process are able to resist the temptations they will encounter during the process. In many cases, the desire to look more beautiful is not enough. So, set few other goals like being able to get involved in new activities, finding more energy to work or play with your children.

2. Have Faith

Charles Platkin, PhD at Hunter College (New York), is convinced that self-confidence is crucial for weight loss. People must have faith that they will make a good plan and stick to it while the process lasts. This process requires hard work and you must have faith in your abilities.

3. Be Real

According to Platkin believing and finding out why you want to lose weight is not enough. You must also have a solid plan and realistic goals. The best way to do this is to write down your goals and plan in a notepad or on your mobile device/computer. You should think about the weight you want to lose and set smaller goals before you reach your main goal.

4. Setting Smaller Goals

As we already said, separate the main goal into small pieces. This is a long process that will help you lower the chances of developing diabetes, stabilize blood pressure and boost cardiovascular health. So, if you want to eliminate 50 pounds, make sure to mark every 10 pounds you have lost.

5. Find Your Inner Child

One thing that is interesting about children is that they eat the food only when they are hungry. You won’t see a kid that eats because they are bored, stressed or greedy. Children are usually involved in intense activities before they start feeling hungry and finally eat. So, find your inner child, eat only when you feel hungry and don’t let the emotions dictate your appetite.

6. Don’t Stick to Some Specific Diet, Choose a Long-Lasting Eating Pattern

There are many people who choose to follow a strict diet that last one, three or six months. Some of them witness success, but most of them regain their weight after a while. The reason is simple – they get back to their old habits. So, when you are trying to lose weight, don’t look for the perfect fast diet. Make long-lasting changes in your eating patterns. This is a change of your lifestyle. You need to make your new way of eating and physical activity a habit.

7. Pay Close Attention

If you know what you consume, you will appreciate food more even if you are not eating that much. For instance, people who grab a bag of potato chips, usually eat the whole content without noticing. So, eat only when you can focus on the food. This will make you eat slower and be aware of the things you consume and how much food you have consumed.

8. Do You Really Enjoy Your Food?

We must eat because food brings us calories which are turned into energy. However, there is a limit, and eating more than we actually need leads to obesity. So, whenever you are eating, try to find out whether you enjoy your food. Stop eating when the food doesn’t provide the same level of satisfaction.

9. Running a Food Log

Write down information about the food you consume during the day. In this way, you will learn more about your eating habits which will make it much easier to make modifications. Besides the type of food, keep log of when you are eating and how much calories each portion has. According to some studies, keeping a food log can significantly improve the results of anyone’s weight loss plan.

10. Rely on Technology

Technology is everywhere around us and we should not look at it only as a way to communicate with each other or purely as entertainment. You can take photos of your food and add it to your diary. In addition, sometimes the image itself makes us eat less. Finally, there are some great mobile apps that can help you with this process.

11. Include More Walking in Your Life

A recent scientific study published in the reputable Diabetes Care magazine has confirmed that older adults who walked for 20 minutes after their main meals, experienced lower blood sugar levels. Of course, walking for a longer period of time at any time of the day is useful, but try to walk for 15-20 minutes after each meal for the best results.

12. Consume Walnuts

A scientific study conducted by researchers at Yale University, has shown that using only two ounces of walnuts a day in a period of six months can reduce the need of taking snacks and makes people choose healthier food. Walnuts are packed with calories, but we are talking about a small amount of walnuts. In addition, walnuts boost the feeling of satiety.

13. Physical Activity Before Noon

Japanese scientists have confirmed that physical activity before noon or even better before your first meal, support the body’s effort to burn fat during the day. So, exercise before your breakfast for the best results.

14. Weight Lifting

Women who are involved in weight lifting have better chances to control blood sugar levels and they also break down fat deposits.

15. Activate Every Body Part

A scientific study published not while ago, has confirmed that performing a so-called strength-training circuit that consists of six exercises, three times a week in a period of 3 months will help you remove fat from your belly.

16. Don’t Forget the Treadmill

A study conducted in Spain has shown that women in postmenopausal period who have increased chances of developing type 2 diabetes and heart disease, have shred more than one inch from their waist and lowered fat deposits after using a treadmill in their homes for 3-4 times a week in 16 weeks.

17. Exercise is Crucial

Several studies have confirmed that working out on a regular basis is essential to maintain your body weight when you finally reach the weight you have always wanted. In addition, working out will improve your self-confidence and self-esteem which is also important for this process.

18. Losing Weight is More than Exercise

There is no doubt that exercise is good for the body and mind, but you can’t rely only on this segment when you want to lose weight. Keep in mind that it takes less than a minute of eating to ruin the effects of your training class.

19. Take Good Care of The Healthy Gut Bacteria

In case you didn’t know, every individual has healthy gut microorganisms. They can aid the weight loss process, but only if they are nourished well. In order to achieve this, you need to provide probiotics and this is where yogurt comes into play. However, if you can’t drink yogurt, you can also try some probiotic supplements or fermented veggies.

20. Take Some Protein in the Morning

The reputable Journal of American Clinical Nutrition has published a scientific study that shows that breakfast packed with protein helped people keep their feeling of satiety for a very long period of time. The effects were much better compared to breakfast rich in carbs.

21. Remember that Protein is Important for Your Lunch/Dinner

Protein is good for your body during the day because it speeds up the metabolism and keeps the feeling of satiety. So, try to consume some protein with your lunch or dinner. For instance, you can add pieces of turkey or chicken in the salad or eat a medium-sized piece of any meat for dinner.

22. Consume Food in a Strategic Way

When you eat the food is very important and you should definitely pay attention to this matter. For example, nutritionists recommend eating protein and produce before carbohydrates. If you use this advice, you will be able to maintain healthy glucose levels.

23. Eat Still Firm Carbohydrates

If you want to eat foods loaded with carbs like rice or pasta, don’t cook them too much. If they are firmer, your body will need more time to process them and you won’t feel hungry for a long time.

24. Read the Labels

Every food that we found in the stores has a food label. Most people ignore these labels, but if you want to lose weight, you will have to pay more attention to them. When you become aware of the high amounts of sugar, fat and other not-so-healthy ingredients in some of your favorite foods, you’ll start looking for alternatives.

25. Once you Have a Dinner, Forget About the Kitchen

This is the period of the day when most people make the same mistake. Too many people are looking for snacks when they are done with their dinner. A good night’s sleep is not possible if you are focused on eating snacks. Weight gain is most common in people who eat at night.

26. Take Your Lunch at Work

A recent study has shown that people who go out to eat at restaurants are more prone to weight gain. So, instead of eating out, prepare your main meal at home and don’t forget to take your brown bag with you.

27. Have Your Meals on a Regular Basis

Many men and women think that if they had a very calorie-rich lunch, they should skip dinner in order to make things right. Well, they are wrong. A scientific study published in the famous Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has confirmed that women, who avoided meals and were following some kind of diet, lost much fewer pounds compared to those who had meals regularly. If you skip meals, your body will soon start feeling food cravings and it is very likely that you will choose unhealthy foods as compensation.

28. Buy Smaller Bags

We all know that there are some healthy snacks that can replace the traditional snacks packed with fat and carbs, however, eating too much snacks of any kind won’t help your weight loss effort. That’s why no matter what type of snacks you are eating; try to use the smallest package.

29. Analyze Yourself

Take some time to analyze yourself – your habits, lifestyle, eating patterns and former weight loss attempts. In addition, think about your level of happiness and stress and your thoughts about food. In this way, you will easily understand what triggers your cravings and what the best way to lose weight is. You will also be able to overcome the usual obstacles that occur on a road like this.

30. Check the Menu in the Restaurant You Find Attractive Before You go There

Let’s be honest, there are situations when you will want to visit some of the local restaurants. So, it is better to be prepared for situations like this. Visit their websites and check their menus. Choose 2-3 restaurants with quality food and stick to the meal that won’t affect your weight and health.

31. Relax and Improve Your Sleep

The International Journal of Obesity has recently shared a scientific study that revealed that individuals who want to eliminate ten pounds have witnessed the best results when they de-stressed themselves and had a good night’s sleep of at least six hours. Contrary to popular belief, lack of sleep and insomnia results in weight gain.

32. Don’t Put the Candies and Sweets Close to You

Another scientific study has confirmed that employees tend to eat more candies and sweets when they are close to them. When these foods are at least six feet away, the interest in them is significantly reduced. What is even worse is that employees don’t count how much sugar they have eaten when the candies are next to them.

33. Prepare Your Food

Without any doubt, packaged foods are convenient. However they are processed, provide low amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in general and they are packed with calories. So, try to prepare your own food whenever you can and use only raw ingredients. The Internet is full of healthy, easy-to-prepare recipes and you can find many of these recipes on our website.

34. Calories that Come in a Liquid Form are Dangerous

If you are like most people, then about twenty to twenty five minutes when you are finished with your meal, you will feel sated. However, carbonated drinks and alcoholic beverages are rich in calories and your body won’t complain when you take them. Experts advise people to stay away from drinks packed with calories. Drink more water and if you want to spice up things a little bit, add some lemon into the water.

35. Refresh the Pantry

What do you do when you feel hungry or you want to grab a snack? You probably check the pantry. This is quite logical because this is where we keep the food. So, it is time to refresh this area – get rid of all the unhealthy things and buy some healthy alternatives. People have problems when they want to change their habits, so it is better to remove all the obstacles.

36. Avoid the Juicer

Many people replace their breakfast with juice or completely skip this meal when they are trying to lose weight. This is completely wrong. When you use a smoothie as a replacement, especially if it contains different fruits, you are only taking sugar and carbohydrates. This drink will keep you sated for a limited period of time and you will soon experience urge for solid food. Breakfast should be rich in protein and certain amount of fat. So, eat yogurt and eggs for instance.

37. Seek Encouragement

It seems that no matter what we are doing, it is much easier when there is someone that will support us during this journey. For example, many people who are following a weight loss regime have witnessed much better results when they were doing this with their partner. Even if the people who are close to you aren’t following some diet or changing their lifestyle, they should support you, so make sure to tell them that.

38. Make Sure that You are Full Before You Have the Chance to Eat Sweet Products

If you manage to consume some healthy food that will make you feel full, you will be able to avoid the urge for sweet products like candies, doughnuts and cookies. So, if you are planning to go on a party or on an event/place where you will be “exposed” to sweet products make sure to eat before you go there.

39. Use Snacks Based on Carbohydrates and Proteins

Nutritionists advise the use of proteins and carbs like combinations of apples and cheese or nuts and yogurt. It turns out that carbs have the ability to lower the effects of the so-called hunger hormone – ghrelin while the protein reduces the production of this hormone.

40. Use Your Family’s Help

This is a very serious change in your life and your family must be here to support you and help you. In case you have a partner and children who are great fans of junk and fast food, make sure to make a plan that will help you avoid this food. You should also encourage them to try some of the healthy meals that you will buy or prepare.

41. Be Prepared for Disappointments

As we have already mentioned, losing weight is not a smooth sail. There will be periods of time that can last for a week or two (or even more) when you will not notice any progress. Be prepared for situations in which you may actually gain some weight. It is quite natural for your body to reach a certain level where losing weight won’t be so easy. It takes time for the body to adapt to the new situation. So, whenever you din yourself in a situation like this, don’t be disappointed, just stick to your new healthy routine.

42. Consume More Food

This may sound a little bit odd, but the fact is that avoiding food when you feel hungry will probably force you to make some poor choices later. A scientific research has proven that individuals with extra weight, who include fiber from beans and leafy greens in their diet, were able to lower the intake of calories for up to 20%. In other words, if you eat more healthy food, you won’t feel need to eat junk food and the final result is lower weight.

43. Select Healthy Starch

If you use bananas that are not yet fully ripe in a smoothie or if you consume cold potatoes, you will actually include resistant starch in your food. Resistant starch is a term used to describe a kind of fiber that our body can’t turn into calories. This starch can breakdown fat deposits, lead to a feeling of satiety and reduces the chances of developing type 2 diabetes.

44. Make Things Spicier

Hot peppers like cayenne have an active compound known as capsaicin. This compound accelerates metabolism and enhances calorie burning. In addition, spicy meals suppress appetite.

45. Drink Green Tea

Just like hot peppers, green tea supports the feeling of satiety and suppresses appetite. In addition, green tea improves concentration and prevents dehydration. According to a scientific study conducted a couple of years ago, some individuals who didn’t make any changes in their diet except drinking green tea on a regular basis, were able to lose 11 pounds in 2 months. They were able to burn up to 200 calories more. Scientists believe that this tea speeds up metabolism.

46. Don’t Focus on Cleaning the Plate

People in the past believed that throwing food is a bad habit or even a sin. However, this doesn’t mean that modern people should force themselves to eat the food that is left especially the food left by their partner or kids. If you believe that throwing food is bad, simply store the food for the other day.

47. Drink While You are Eating

Of course, we are not suggesting drinking tons of water because this practice can disrupt the digestion process. Our recommendation is to take small breaks between bites. Instead of counting the chews, you can drink a small sip of water or wine.

48. Stay Away From Your Table

If you are finished with your meal, don’t sit on the table. Simply get up and fill a glass of water. If you have to stay on the table, cover the plate and move your chair a little bit. Even if you still feel a little bit hungry, this feeling will be gone after 10-15 minutes.

49. Entertain Yourself without Eating

In case you are fond of baking, visiting buffets or restaurants, look for different hobbies and activities that don’t involve food. Walking, knitting, and photography – these are some interesting hobbies that will help you forget about food. Yes, it’s possible to have fun without eating.

50. Take Time Out

Many people agree that food distracts them throughout the day and this especially true for fast, processed food. There are cases when people choose to grab a candy or chips when they actually need a small time out. If you are under pressure at work, and you feel stressed, take a walk or just stand up for a while. You will soon realize that  in most cases you need time out not food.

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