THIS Link Between Alzheimer’s Disease and Coconut Oil is NOW Confirmed by Researchers




Dr. Mary Newport wrote a book about Alzheimer’s Disease and whether there was a cure for it. In her book, she points out coconut oil as an adequate means for Alzheimer’s disease. She did not speculate about its healing properties, but her husband was a true example of how coconut oil taken daily can reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

However, the medical and Alzheimer’s Society did not conduct any studies for review.

The Coconut Oil, An Inventive Treatment For Alzheimer’s Disease

Along with the book of Dr. Newport, in 2015 there was a study published in a Spanish journal about coconut oil that confirmed its healing properties for Alzheimer’s disease. The study involved a group of people with Alzheimer’s disease, half of them were given 3 tablespoons of coconut oil daily, while the rest of them were not.

Statistically, there was an important increase in the cognitive capacity of women, people without diabetes, and patients that suffered from severe dementia.

This is a significant effect since more than 5 million people in America suffer from this type of disease. It is even believed that by 2050, there would be more than 13.8 million. The life calculation for the disease is a bare 10 years. Would coconut oil improve the state?

Of course, it would unless it is sent in the form of Vitamin B 17, the banned vitamin for cancer treatment. Like all the other diseases, this type is a great business matter.

In What Way It Treats Alzheimer’s Disease?

Dr. Newport claimed that ketones make coconut oil ideal for this type of disease. Our bodies produce ketones by breaking down fats in food just like coconut oil.

Then, they go to the brain which can be turned into energy, a more important body fuel than glucose. The energy is very important because unless the brain does not produce the necessary energy to stimulate the growth of new cells and repair the damage, Alzheimer’s disease is about to occur.

In this way, coconut oil provides the necessary high fats that produce energy. Another way of providing ketones is by fasting, but this method seems very unworkable for long-term medication.

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