Why CDC Hides the Reasons for Increasing Of Autism By 340%

The top team of researchers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has played a key role in detecting manipulative data by the CDC. This fraud relates to the high incidence of occurrence of autism among African-American boys.

Dr. William Thompson had the opportunity to access this information on Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). He submitted a request for the original data for autism research. The Chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee of USA, Darrell Issa, corroborate these data.

By leading discussions and getting the CDC data, manipulation of scientific data has become known. This manipulation was done in order to hide the obvious connection between the MMR vaccine and the later emergence of autism. This applies especially to a group of African-American boys who received timely immunization, according to CDC recommended schedule.

Connection Between MMR vaccine And Risk Of Autism

The documents obtained from CDC actually revealed the increasing of autism for 340%. This happened to a group of African-American boys vaccinated by MMR vaccine. These data, unfortunately, was hidden under pressure from senior government officials. Dr. William Thompson, in his long work in a government agency, he confirmed that it was strictly covert, although clearly known about this relationship. He deeply regrets for this crime, done by him and his superiors.

Dr. Thompson listed several studies done by the CDC that categorically refused the connection between vaccination and appearance of autism. They even prompted a petition for enforcement of false study in Journal of Pediatrics, published in 2004. Recently published a memorandum in 2004 by Dr. Thompson in which he expressed concern about the Director of CDC, Dr. Gerberding, because of the difficulty of his research that annoy citizens.

Autism - Autistic FaceDoes this mean that Dr. Gerberding have an obligation for a congressional hearing? This case remains unclear, calling for a thorough investigation.

With the publication of this letter, people condemned this as an abuse, directly related to the taxpayers. The media began to inform other citizens throughout the country on TV and internet networks. Even the Twitter use hashtags #CDCwhistleblower and #CDCfraud.

Parent’s hope this agency will be called to account for this crime. They also require the testimony of Dr. Coleen Boyle before Congress about the potential link between the vaccination and the occurrence of autism.

The US Department of Health Resources and Services Administration, according to the Go Natural Cure in the research, already recognized this dilemma as credible. It confirmed that the occurrence of autism is secondary injury of MMR vaccine.