Here Is How To Prevent The Deadliest Of All Types Of Cancer – Pancreatic Cancer




Medical science has already been able to find link between pancreatic cancer and red meat and other meat products through a number of studies. But there are more studies underway to find more factors.

Researchers claim that males who consume 1 sausage / 2 bacon pieces daily are at 19 percent higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to men who don’t each these meats. Consumption of 120g of red meat increased the risk to 29 percent.

How Serious is Pancreatic Cancer?

The number of cases of pancreatic cancer is growing at a very fast rate.

This year alone, over 4,000 cases have been diagnosed.

Unfortunately, it is a more serious killer compared to other types of cancers, because usually it is not detected during the early stages.

A staggering 74 percent of patients diagnosed with it diet within one year and not more than 7 percent are able to live more 5 years or more.

A study was conducted to measure the occurrence rate of pancreatic cancer in people who consumed processed meat, red meat and poultry.

The findings of the study were published in the BMC Medicine (2013). It was found that processed meat strongly impacted both cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The researchers found that there was no indication that poultry and unprocessed red meat could cause the disease. It is now strongly believed by scientists that there is strong correlation between processed meat and high mortality rate. They claim that it is possible to reduce deaths by up to 3.3 percent if people reduce their daily consumption of processed meat to 20g.

Researchers from all the different studies have come to one conclusion. Red meat gets its red color from a preservative (nitrates). Nitrates have been found in several studies to cause cancer. Therefore, these chemicals are crucial factors behind causing pancreatic and other cancers when different types of processed meat products and bacon are consumed.

Pancreatic Cancer

As the number of cancer cases continue to rise, medical science is working fast to find the causes. There is need for more advanced studies to learn the connection between processed red meat and pancreatic cancer. The only way to reduce the risk is to become careful as to what you eat.

There is already enough data from research studies to show a strong link between meats and pancreatic cancer. We should all switch to healthier diet to improve our overall health. You should reduce your intake of processed meat and should eat bacon only on rare occasions.

Source: Scientific American

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