Why You Should All Get Rid of Your Microwave Ovens





Nine out of ten American households use microwave ovens to prepare meals. Microwave ovens or Radaranges as they were called when they first appeared on the market in 1946, use a unique technology that is based on electromagnetic waves that pass through food. Thanks to this activity, the molecules in food are activated and they begin to produce heat.

These microwaves are actually electromagnetic energy that reaches the speed of light. Ovens produce wave energy with the help of the magnetron located in every microwave oven. Once activated, wave energy transforms the positive polarity of molecules to negative polarity.

How Microwave Ovens Affect the Food?

What is even more interesting is that this process of transformation happens millions of times in one second. Food molecules are affected by the microwaves and they radiate countless times every second. However, besides heating up the food, the waves also damage the structure of food molecules a process known as structural isomerism.

A recent study led by Swiss food scientist and leading biologist Dr. Hans Hertel has determined the direct effects of food prepared in microwave ovens. Eight people were part of a controlled environment for 2 months. They ate food prepare din microwaves, traditionally cooked food and raw food from time to time. Every time they have finished a meal their blood was tested. Their blood was experiencing some drastic changes after every meal that included food prepared in a microwave ovens.

Accord to Dr. Hans Hertel, constant use of microwaved food cannot be practiced for a long period of time because the cells and atoms won’t be able to resist the changes they experience because of the use of electromagnetic energy in food. The food’s structure is completely changed and deformed which leads to food with really low quality.

Microwave Ovens

In case you have used microwave ovens for heating you have probably noticed that the food is quite often unevenly heated. This occurrence is not something strange because are using the water molecules present in food and as you are probably aware food doesn’t have the same quantity of water in all areas and that’s why the heating is irregular.

In addition, a study conducted at Stanford University was focused on the way microwaves affect breast milk. The study confirmed that human milk that was “treated” with a microwave is losing many of its healing properties and nutritional value in general. They have also noticed some negative changes in the milk’s structure.

Russia was one of the first countries to ban microwave ovens (in 1976) because of the suspected negative impact on human health. Back in 1991 there was a recorded case of a lawsuit against an Oklahoma hospital because of the sudden death of a patient who received blood heated in a microwave oven.

It was also proven that consuming food prepared in microwave ovens can lead to serious brain damage because they affect the electrical impulses in the brain.

  • Vitamins, minerals and nutrients found in foods in their natural state are eliminated or significantly destroyed once they are processed in a microwave.
  • Consuming food prepared in microwave ovens for a longer period of time can lead to formation of cancerous cells.
  • Foods processed in microwaves can lead to intestinal and stomach tumors. This is probably one of the main reasons why colon cancer is so common in the United States.
  • A diet that includes microwaved food can degrade the immune system because it directly affects the serum alterations and lymph glands.
  • Milk and cereal grains heated in microwave ovens can turn some of the amino acids found in them into carcinogens.
  • Numerous studies have shown that eating food prepared in microwave ovens results in mood changes, loss of memory, lack of concentration and even in decrease of intelligence in children
  • Even a short exposure of frozen or cooked vegetables led to transformation of alkaloids in carcinogens.
  • Melting frozen fruits with the help of a microwave turned the glucoside into carcinogenic particles.

According to a study focused on food prepared in microwave ovens published by Raum and Zelt in 1992, once the food is inside the microwave oven the production of abnormal molecules cannot be avoided. Amino acids found in some foods will suffer from isomeric changes and some of the content will turn into Kids Spot as a direct result of the effects of microwaves.

As you can see the chances of developing cancer and other similar diseases is significantly increased if you use food prepared in a microwave ovens. The microwaves produced in these ovens eliminate the nutrients and all the useful molecules found in the food. The final result is a weaker body prone to illnesses and diseases. That’s why you should all try to avoid using microwave ovens and remove them from your homes.

Source: Donna De Rossa

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