Exercises to Relieve Sciatica and Low Back Pain




In case you are dealing with sciatica and low back pain, you should know that there are many people like you. As a matter of fact, about 10% of the population is having this kind of problems while back pain remains to be the main cause of job disability around the globe. This problem is especially frequent in the United States.

Some statistics show that about 80% of Americans experience back pain and this is the reason why there are so many painkiller addicts in the US. Unfortunately, opioid drugs are prescribed on a regular basis when doctors diagnose back pain instead of physical activity and it is no wonder why the fatalities due to drug overdose are increased. According to some sources overdose with opioids result in more deaths compared to cocaine or heroin overdose.

In case you experience back pain and depression/anxiety at the same time, there is a greater chance to develop Opioid Addiction.

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Back Pain combined with Depression increases the chances of Drug Abuse or Addiction

The scientific study published in the Medical News Today included more than 50 chronic lower back sufferers with signs and symptoms of anxiety or depression. The study lasted for half a year and during this period, patients have taken oxycodone, morphine or a placebo in order to suppress pain.

People who were already dealing with serious anxiety or depression experienced more intense side effects and got fewer positive effects from the drugs and showed a tendency to abuse them.

If we compared them to the ones that had very low levels of anxiety or depression we can see that they had 75% more opioid abuse and half of the improvement that other participants experienced.

The scientists behind this study have concluded that it is crucial to diagnose the symptoms of anxiety or depression before prescribing any painkillers for such pain.

Some triggers that lead to Back Pain

Identifying the right cause of back pain can ease the pain and prevent another situation in which people can harm themselves. Although most people believe that a certain move has caused the pain, the fact is that back pain (Web MD) can develop for days and it is usually caused by some overlooked triggers like copulation, alcohol abuse, fatigue etc.

When it comes to chronic back pain, sports injuries and accidents are the leading cause. Things like physical inactivity and poor posture can also contribute.

So, identifying the trigger is helpful, but not the most important thing when it comes to dealing and preventing back pain.

Things to do when Back Pain occurs

When you experience pain in this area you should first relax your mind and back. Using ice, chiropractic care and acupuncture can help you too.

Before using painkillers, check some anti-inflammatory remedies like curcumin, boswellia and ginger.

It is also helpful to work on your emotions. Anxiety and depression have the ability to interfere the healing process, so once you experience pain this might be related to your inability to solve emotional issues.

Our brain and emotions are very important when it comes to pain. The central nervous system in the human body memorizes the pain that is longer than a couple of minutes. This ability of the nervous system leads to re-occurrence of pain even after the injury is treated. Relying on certain natural techniques like EFT (emotional freedom technique) can help you solve these problems.

The video below will help you learn more about EFT and how to use this technique to relieve pain.

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Dealing with Sciatic Nerve Pain

It turns out that sciatic nerve pain is very common in modern people. Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve in the lower back is pinched. This is a very specific pain that starts in the buttock and goes down the thigh.

With the help of stretching exercises we can limit the effects of sciatic pain. The sciatic nerve goes through the piriformis muscle. In case the piriformis is tightened too much, it can affect the sciatic nerve resulting in tingling, numbness and pain. In many cases stretching focused on the piriformis can eliminate sciatic nerve pain. You can try many different exercises to get relief.

The video we are presenting provides instructions for a 60-second daily stretching routine focused on sciatic pain.
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Refraining from Sitting is one of the things that can help us Eliminate Back Pain

Keeping a proper posture while sitting can certainly help people avoid pain in shoulders, neck and back, but the best idea is to stay away from sitting.

What is interesting is that if you try to spend more time standing you might experience severe pain in the beginning. But, after the initial shock your back pain will gradually disappear. Sitting for an hour or two a day should be ideal.

There are people who stand almost all the time. They use special cushioned grounding pad at work and sometimes at home. Those who have a desk job must come up with some stand-up desk solution that will keep their health intact. You can check the video to get more info about this practice. There is enough evidence that sitting for more than one hour without taking breaks can lead to serious health consequences like low back pain and sciatic nerve pain.

Some experts believe that the human body was designed for continuous movement. When we say continuous movement we don’t mean being involved in some intense physical activity, but mobile activities like standing or walking. So, when your body is sitting and you are active only with your hands or fingers, you can expect serious problems.

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