How to Cure a Sore Throat Instantly – VIDEO




Sometimes the most efficient remedies can be found in the nature. In this video you can see several completely natural remedies that can cure a sore throat almost instantly.

There are four basic items that can help you with that and the following is a simple instruction on how to use them in the best way.
Cure a Sore Throat Instantly featured1. Olive leaf extract is the first item that can relieve the pain in your throat. This extract can eliminate bad bacteria and fungus in the system and it also has strong antiviral properties.

2. The second product is colloidal silver. This substance has strong antiviral and antibacterial properties and it can be used in many ways. According to many experts, the best way to use colloidal silver is in the form of a throat spray. The good news is that it can be used every half an hour.

3. Sea salt was used as a natural remedy for sore throat many centuries ago. One really effective way to use sea salt is to mix it with water and gargle this combination three times a day.

Finally, you can use some essential oils like oregano, lemon and peppermint in order to ease your throat. Of course, there are many other essential oils that you can use, but these three were proven to be most effective. Using them in a throat spray may be a good idea.

Besides using these natural remedies, you should also make sure that you are getting enough rest and take care of your diet. A proper sleep (about 8 hours) can improve your immune system and adding a lot of vegetables, fruits and bone broth will make your immune system even stronger. You should also avoid sugary foods and grains, at least until your throat is completely cured.

Via Dr. Axe

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