What Happens When you Crack Your Knuckles (Video)





You know you should not crack your knuckles, you’ve been told this many times. It is widely believed that this is the reason for the shaky hands that older people have. But, the truth is not familiar for many people.

On the latest Vox video it is explained what happens when you crack your knuckles. The joints in the body are all surrounded by synovial fluid, ligaments and connective tissues. The thick clear liquid (synovial fluid) contains dissolved glasses.

When a person cracks their knuckles the joints between finger bones are pulled apart. Than the volume between the joints increases and lowers the pressure in the synovial fluid and causes gases to burst. This is how the popping sound is caused.

Crack Your Knuckles

It takes at least 25 minutes for gases to be dissolved back in the synovial fluid and that is why you cannot pop your joints immediately after they’ve been cracked.

It is shown in no study that cracking of knuckles can cause contribution to arthritis or any damage in joints or bone disease.

Side-Effects of Cracking Your Knuckles

If you repeat cracking your knuckles all day long every day can affect the tissue that surrounds the joint. The repetitive cracking can also decrease the grip strength of your hand.

Via Vox

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