Brown Rice vs White Rice. Which is Better for Your Health




Most people would rather choose brown rice instead of white one because of the well-known fact that brown rice is healthier.

No matter which type you choose, rice is a powerful source of essential nutrients and energy. However, there are certain differences between these two types. In fact, which one is healthier?

Differences Between Brown and White Rice

First of all, these two types differ in the color. It’s the bran in brown rice that gives it the brown color while white rice has no bran and germ. Germ makes the rice vulnerable to rancidity. This is a bad character because the “germ” is rich in polyunsaturated fats that easily oxidize. When oxidation occurs, it can cause some problematic reactions and you may become ill. However, this does not imply that white rice is a better choice.

People who want to lose some weight prefer brown rice. This is because brown rice is high in fiber in relation to white rice due to the fact that brown rice is processed. The brain provides the amount of fiber that your body needs and at the same time satiates you for longer.

Brown rice has double the amount of phosphorus and manganese than white rice. Also, it has three times more vitamin B3 and more iron than the white one. It is loaded with vitamin B1 and B6 than white rice.

It is an important type of food for those who want to reduce their levels of cholesterol as well as those with metabolic issues. It does not contain gluten, another advantage that reduces the risk of colon cancer.

Considering these benefits of brown rice, you would think that it is definitely the best choice for you. Although it has a great amount of fiber, this is not the best nutrient for people. Most people are against starch, a substance that white rice abounds in. It is considered a bad substance because it breaks down into glucose, increasing the levels of insulin in the body. Although our bodies run on glucose, glucose that comes from carbs such as starch does not lead to insulin resistance.

Doctors and scientists caution people about the consumption of rice. Some people even consume rice on a daily basis. To summarize, brown rice is considered to be the most nutritious type of rice. However, make sure you do not consume it overstored because in that way you won’t get the needed health benefits of it.

Via Healthline

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