Best Selling Author and Holistic MD Found Dead in Hawaii




It seems that there is an unexplained string of mysterious deaths among holistic doctors in the last few years. Jamie Zimmerman, a 31-year-old holistic MD, has slipped when she was alone in Hawaii and this accident resulted in a bizarre death.

Jamie is another individual on the list of holistic doctors who have died in mysterious and very odd circumstances. So far, there are more than a dozen of holistic doctors who lost their lives in this way. There were doctors that were killed and doctors that committed suicides.

In the beginning, people didn’t notice the link between all these deaths, but the latest case of Jami Zimmerman caught the attention of the public.

Ms. Zimmerman was a popular holistic doctor who has teamed up with Deepak Chopra (a famous alternative medicine advocate) right before she got involved in the bizarre accident which resulted in her death.

You can find the TED talk appearance of Zimmerman below in order to find out more about her work and the message she was delivering to the world.

The video below begins with a presentation from doctor Viktor Frankl and continues with Zimmerman’s speech.


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