6 Phrases To Help You Comfort Yourself That Being Overweight Is Not A Crime




  1. You can always buy clothes that will adjust to your body, even if you have gained pounds during the feasts;
  2. You are supposed to take 3500 calories more than your body can burn in order to gain half a pound. In other words, what you have
  3. had for dinner last night, won’t make you fatter immediately today;
  4. Hollywood stars also gain weight;
  5. There are a lot of pills and other supplements that can help you get rid of the pounds around your waist;
  6. You have gained weight? So what!?! You can always start a diet and go to the gym… It is never to late to look hot;

Finally, the real beauty is in your heart, not in your physical appearance...

You already feel better and more self- confident, don’t you?!?

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“There is hardly any curable disease which cannot be controlled or cured with the aid of shilajit.”

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