Balance Your Thyroid with This Delicious Stir-Fry




If you want to take good care of your health, you should be aware of the fact that thyroid is one of the most important body parts.

This gland is here to regulate and release the hormones that manage the metabolism, energy and coordinate the joint functioning of internal organs.

The thyroid can be found in the central part of the front side of the neck and it is managed by the pituitary gland.

In some cases, people can experience hypothyroidism. This is a condition in which the body doesn’t produce the necessary amount of thyroid hormone.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are suffering from this health issue.

According to some statistics, more than ten million people in America are suffering from hypothyroidism.

In cases like this, it is typical for the processes that take place in our body to become slower.

There are a huge number of studies and trials which have confirmed that people can eliminate this health issue without the help of pharmaceutical drugs.

It turns out that Mother Nature can be very efficient in treating this problem.

The following is a recipe for a tasty stir-fry dish that can help you to balance your thyroid to a normal state.

Stir-fry Recipe to Balance Your Thyroid

  • One teaspoon of Celtic sea salt;
  • One tablespoon of coconut oil;
  • One clove of garlic;
  • Two organic eggs;
  • One yellow pepper;
  • One green pepper;
  • Lime juice (made from half a lime);
  • One small onion.

Take the onions and peppers and chop them into tiny pieces. Take the veggies and fry them until they turn very soft (not too cooked).

Put the clove of garlic too, but only if you like the taste. Place the organic eggs too and mix everything well. When the mixture becomes solid, sprinkle a small quantity of sea salt.


Via 1 Mhillion Halth Tips

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