7 Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar with Honey, Ginger, and Turmeric 

 January 11, 2019

By  Gabriela

Apple cider vinegar, turmeric, ginger, and honey are the major rock stars of holistic health. No medicine cabinet is complete without them. You might have tried each of them by now, but combining them together makes the best combo for your health.

This amazing natural blend provides numerous health benefits, and it’s even more powerful if you use homemade apple cider vinegar. Here are a few reasons why you should try mixing these four ingredients.

1. Helps Suppress Appetite

This combination can help you lose weight because the apple cider vinegar promotes satiety. What’s more, honey helps control leptin (satiety hormone), and ghrelin (hunger hormone.)

Honey also increases another hormone which suppresses the appetite – peptide YY.

2. Relieves Nausea

Did you know that turmeric and ginger are ancient natural remedies for nausea? That’s because of the active compounds called gingerols found in ginger.

This compound helps ease nausea, motion sickness, and vomiting, like in case of pregnancy or chemotherapy. Turmeric, on the other hand, contains curcumin which alleviates digestive problems and indigestion which can lead to nausea.

3. Liver Detox

The liver is one of the hardest-working organs in the human’s body, so it’s good to give it a little boost. Turmeric, ginger, and apple cider vinegar will help you do that. Apple cider vinegar cleanses it from toxins, while gingerols and curcumin protect it against liver disorders.

4. Improves Gut Health

Healthy gut, healthy body. The powerful combination of turmeric, honey, and apple cider vinegar helps maintain that bacterial balance. Honey and apple cider vinegar are prebiotics, so they encourage the growth of good or beneficial bacteria.

Turmeric, on the other hand, improves the function of the intestinal barrier. That’s how this blend ensures your gut is doing its job well.

5. Eases Arthritis

Joint inflammation, or arthritis, is the number one cause of work-related disability, says the Centers for Disease, Control, and Prevention. Luckily, turmeric and ginger have anti-inflammatory properties.

One study published in Arthritis and Rheumatism says that ginger extract reduces osteoarthritis-related knee pain. When it comes to turmeric, it works almost as good as ibuprofen.

6. Fights Bacteria

Anti-microbial remedies are especially useful for intestinal infections and cavities. This combination is one of them, thanks to the anti-microbial properties of curcumin, gingerols, apple cider vinegar, and honey.

What’s more, honey helps boost the immune system, which makes the remedy even better.

7. Helps Cut the Risk for Diabetes

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic diseases in the US, with 1.5 million new Americans diagnosed each year, according to the American Diabetes Association.

It’s a serious disease which can cause many health complications like kidney failure, heart disease, nerve damage, and vision loss. But, this amazing blend can help you lower the risk of developing diabetes.

A study says that taking apple cider vinegar before eating can lower postprandial glucose (blood sugar levels after eating) even when the meal is rich in carbs. This is pretty amazing knowing that carbs cause spikes in blood glucose levels.

Honey helps increase insulin secretion and improve the liver uptake of glucose. So, taking these two ingredients together will help improve glycemic control.

Ginger improves insulin sensitivity and protects the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas. That’s why it helps improve glucose intake into tissues.

The last ingredient, turmeric, supports the function of the pancreatic cells responsible for producing insulin.

How to Make This Powerful Combo


  • 1 tsp. of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. of honey
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tbsp. of turmeric powder
  • 1 small knob fresh ginger


Boil the water and add the ginger. Keep boiling until it’s as light or strong as you prefer. Then, add the turmeric, honey, and apple cider vinegar and stir well. If the combo is too strong for you, add some lemon or water it down.

You can even make a cold drink by adding some ice cubes.

Note: Ginger and Apple Cider Vinegar are strong and can burn your throat. Therefore, it’s best to make them into a drink.

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