5 Traits of a High-Value Man




Many men have a lot of money and drive fast cars, but they can't seem to get their lives together. We like to think of these men as "high-value men," but they are not.

Just because a man makes more money than you doesn't make him valuable, no matter how much money you have or what kind of suits you wear, if you can add value to the world in any way, you are a man of high value.

High value has less to do with the car you drive and more with your personality, poise, and energy. Men with high worth are often wealthy, but their worth comes first, not the other way around.

In this article, we will talk about what is a high-value man and their traits. So if you're interested, keep on reading!


What Do We Mean by a High-value Man?

Traits of a High-Value Man

  1. He is emotionally intelligent.
  2. He loves going the extra mile for his woman.
  3. He tries to understand women and doesn't run away when they show feelings.
  4. He takes care of himself.
  5. He keeps his promises.

Final Words

What Do We Mean by a High-value Man?

A good man is worth as much as gold. He is sure of himself and knows what he wants out of life. If he's the right man, a high-value man isn't afraid to go after what he wants, and strong, independent women don't scare him.

A high-value man also has a secure attachment style. Because of this, they care about you over their own lives. He cares about other people's emotions, puts you first, and makes you feel valued and important.

They also have high self-esteem, but they are not boastful. Knows how to develop and claim their personal power making them more valuable.

Traits of a High-Value Man

1) He is emotionally intelligent.

Goleman and Tradberry say that emotional intelligence comprises many important traits that make people successful in life and relationships.

This includes

  • Self-awareness is knowing about one's feelings, drives, personality, and passions.
  • Self-control putting off pleasure, having staying power, and grit
  • Social awareness of how other people feel and how society works
  • Relationship management is the process of making and keeping good relationships.

All these things are important for a high-value man because they have a big impact on a man's ability to get ahead in life, gain social status, grow as a man, and get along with other people. An Emotionally Intelligent man can make friends, find allies, and build healthy relationships with most women.

2) He loves going the extra mile for his woman.

From how he dresses for dates to the fact that it only takes him 15 seconds to make reservations, this guy works hard and is proud of the little things he gets right. He doesn't even ask what a woman wants to do.

He asks her what she's interested in, what she likes and doesn't like, and then makes plans based on that. He also picks her up, whether in a taxi or by Uber. He looks out for her and makes sure she is safe. Work is also important in the bedroom.

He is very proud of how well he can make his woman feel sexual. He wants to spend as much time as possible with her.

3) He tries to understand women and doesn't run away when they show feelings.

A man of high worth knows that nobody is perfect. He wants to find out who she is. He wants to know about the darkness that makes her light shine, how she got over a broken heart, her fears, her dreams, the things she wants to do but keeps putting off, and the lies she tells herself that isn't true.

She wants to find the beauty in her chaos and knows that great souls go through hard times. He'll take her hands in his and ask, "Tell me, who hurt you? Who decided to mess with your love?" if she seems scared or tries to hurt him.

Then he will listen and add his own story about love, loss, and growing up. He knows that being weak is a sign of strength. A man of high-value bonds before he takes off his clothes. He doesn't try to get into her bed because he first wants to get inside her head.

4) He takes care of himself.

To put it simply, a man who knows that Physical health is just as important as mental health is an example of a high-value man. He will look after himself. He knows how important it is to treat your body and mind respectfully. He takes responsibility for their own life as well. He probably works out and keeps his mind in good shape without the help of a lifestyle coach. If he feels he needs help, he won't be afraid to ask for it.

5) He keeps his promises.

A man of value must be able to keep his word. A man like this is reliable and trustworthy; you can count on him and know that he means what he says.

When he is steady and keeps his word, the right man shows who he is. He is reliable enough to be with you for the rest of your life, not just when you're still in the honeymoon phase of your relationship.

When you're with an honest man, you can never doubt him. He might not be perfect, but he'll always be honest and loyal, and you'll know he's on your side.

Final Words

So, what is a high-value man? A man with many of the traits we've talked about – someone who is emotionally intelligent, charismatic, and has a lot to offer in a relationship. Now that you know what to look for, are you ready to find one?

The good news is that they are out there waiting for you. All you have to do is be brave enough to go after them. Thanks for following along on this journey to understanding high-value men. We hope you found it helpful!

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