Stay Away From These 5 Brands That Use 100% GMO in Their Products





Some producers violate the standards of the production and offer products with low-quality. Those are the kinds of producers you should avoid. And we will give you a list of those producers.

You deserve to know every information about the GMO products that brought dangers. These products have harmful effect and they are spread in every place on Earth.

Scientists have confirmed that the GMO products are dangerous because they can cause diseases like allergies, infertility and even cancer.

5 Brands That Use 100% GMO in Their Products

Avoid the following five companies that have GMO in their products.

1. Nestle.

The company of Nestle use GMO in foods for babies. What else you need to know? This company removed GMO from baby food when the public forced it to do that in South Africa and still sells its products in the American version of the company.

2. Hershey’s.

This company donated 800,000 dollars in order to defeat California’s prop 37 and Washington I-522 to label GMO products. Do you still want to eat these chocolates? This company of Hershey gave also plus 500,000 dollars to defeat the anti-GMO initiative of this year in Colorado and Oregon. The only one organic brand that offers the company is Dagoba.

5 Brands That Use 100% GMO in Their Products

3. Pepsi.

The consumers of Pepsi were really irritated when the hidden GMO element was found in the product. Because of this the Pepsi Company needed to pay 9 million dollars for the lawsuit that gained about false advertising. Their Naked juice that they claimed is a 100% natural; actually it was full of GMO.

4. General Mills.

The General Mills representatives stated that they do not add ingredients that are GMO oats in their products. They say that they use a little non-GMO cornstarch in the process of cooking and a little pure can sugar while serving. This is considered to be a lie. The truth is that 2% of the company is affected by GMO prohibition.

5. Kellogg’s.

This company stated that their products are 100% natural without artificial additives, but some researchers proved the opposite. Kellogg’s mueslix has 100% GMO corn in the content. This is the reason why the company paid 5 million dollars for a lawsuit.

Via Healthy Food House

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