13 Lucky ”Whys” That You Are Meant To Be

  1. You open your soul in front of him and tell him secrets you have never told to anyone before;
  2. You don’t mind if he sees you in moments of weakness;
  3. He/ She is perfect in your eyes;
  4. You want to meet his/ her family;
  5. You imagine your future together;
  6. You are not afraid to say something that is different than his opinion- but usually you think about the same things at the same time;
  7. She/ He makes you smile for no reason;
  8. He/ She attracts you inexplicably;
  9. You don’t feel comfortable when you are silent together, so you always find something to discuss;
  10. You feel great when you are together;
  11. Your partner makes you feel you are a better person;
  12. You simply understand each other with a simple look;
  13. Your partner is very much like you- you like same things, you laugh at the same jokes- as if you are watching yourself in the mirror.

Is there anyone that makes you feel this way?!? Maybe he is very close to you and you can’t see because you are looking on a different side…

You Are Where You're Meant To Be