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People today are more aware than ever, when it comes to the potential risks that large amount of calorie intake brings. That’s why almost all large restaurant chains are tending to decrease the size of the portions they offer.

McDonald’s, T.G.I. and few other chains have removed supersize menus and big plates from their offer. Although this is a good move, what these restaurants avoid to do is to reduce the amount of calories in their portions. They still have meals that contain the daily need of calories for an average person.

People on average should eat about 2000 calories per day (depending on individual characteristics like age and gender, adult individuals should eat between 1.600 and 2.400 calories).

Interesting is the fact that people don’t stop eating even if they meet this “requirement” if the meal is no “finished”. According to psychologist Paul S. Siegel, this phenomenon is known as “the completion compulsion”. Now let’s see how you can eat abundantly and stay within 2000 calories limit.

2000 Calories Choices

Potbelly, Chipotle and Shake Shack are one of the most popular chains of restaurants in the US. It is true that they are not known as restaurants where you can find healthy food, but if you are careful with your choice, you can find delicious food that’s under the 2000 calories limit.

Potbelly, for example, has a big Italian sandwich with mayonnaise (1100 calories) combines with chips, cookie and orange mango juice that’s just under the limit.

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - Potbelly

Chipotle has a delicious carnitas burrito (945 calories).

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - Chipotle

Shake Shack has a double Shack Burger (770 calories).

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - Shacke Shack

One of the most interesting and popular food combinations in steakhouses all over America is the steak and martini combination. This combination at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse will “bring” you about 1920 calories. Their Cowboy ribeye steak contains 1.690 calories and the martini alone has 230 calories. The same goes for their competitors – they all have interesting food and alcohol combinations.

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

P.F. Chang’s is offering Orange Beef, a glass of wine and caramel cake.

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - P.F. Chang’s

Olive Garden has a Tour of Italy sampler, quartino of wine and a salad. Both meals are less than 2000 calories.

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - Olive Garden

According to the managers working at these chains, they are focused on delivering quality food instead of focusing on large meals with no nutritional value.

All these meals are worth whole day’s calories. But the meals we’ve mentioned before are usually practiced at dinners and lunches.

IHOP and Maggiano’ Little Italy have breakfasts that have less than 2000 calories.

Maggiano’s little Italy has a tasty breakfast which consists of a zuccotto cake (worth 1.790 calories) and cappuccino (220 calories).

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - Maggiano’s little Italy

IHOP has a classic skillet with sausage and orange juice that have 1.990 calories in total.

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - IHOP

Those looking for a single dish within the calorie-limit can visit the Cheesecake Factory where they can find Farfalle with chicken – a dish that comes with 2.410 calories. Of course, you can always try some lighter dishes like fish.

What 2000 Calories Looks Like - Cheesecake Factory

Finally, you can always prepare food at home. In this way, you can be sure exactly how many calories you are taking with each meal and you can start practicing a healthier diet.

More 2000 calories food choices.

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