12 Things Your Body Does as a Defense Mechanism




You have definitely noticed all those specific bodily reactions but you have never thought about them. The human body has developed a set of defense mechanisms that constitute a whole system. This system protects the body from various things that can potentially harm its overall health.

These simple reactions have a much deeper meaning in the whole body and they provide many benefits of which we were not aware.

These are some of the weirdest reactions that the human body does in order to defend its health:

1. Goosebumps

When you are out in the cold, you have definitely noticed all those little bumps that appear on the skin. In this way, the body tries to reduce heat loss through the skin pores. So, it saves the needed heat in order to stay warm. Also, they cause the hair to stand up thus making us look bigger and intimidating to predators.

2. Sneezing

Sneezing not only provides relief but also has a much deeper purpose. It appears as a result of a blocked nasal passage with microbes, dust, or germs. In this way, the body stimulates the removal of these things that can further bring about some diseases.

3. Skin-Pruning

When sitting in water for a long time, your skin gets rubbery and wrinkly. This does not mean that your body dries up when exposed to water but the skin itself creates a wrinkly layer to provide a better grip.

4. Crying

When you think of crying, you will probably link it to emotions. However, it is more than a release of some steam after moments of sadness, stress, grief, and anxiety. The tears serve as a membrane that protects the eyes from various things that come in contact with the eyeball. So, primarily, tears are powerful mechanisms of eye protection.

5. Wincing at high pitched noises

If you hear the sound of nails on a chalkboard you would probably cover your ears. According to the researchers, the frequency of these noises is equal to a warning call of a macaque monkey. So, this reaction is related to our primate instincts.

6. Stretching

You may find this reaction as a completely natural and automatic thing you do when you wake up but it has a much deeper purpose. Both people and animals normally stretch when they prepare for some physical activity. Also, people stretch throughout the day as a result of drowsiness or a long period of inactivity. In this way, the body prepares the muscles and joints as well as improves blood flow. Surprisingly enough, stretching can improve mood.

7. Yawning

This is a common reaction that occurs when the body is tired and the brain is overheated. This can also be a result of the lack of sleep and exhaustion because the body tends to increase body temperature.

8. Hiccups

Hiccups usually occur when we swallow large pieces of food, drink too quickly, or when we overeat. These conditions irritate the pneumogastric nerve thus producing hiccups.

9. Myoclonic Jerks

These seizures are usually caused by sudden muscle contractions while you are sleeping. You might feel as if you are about to fall but then you catch yourself. This is because you breathe less and the heart rate is slowed down, so the body immediately reacts to the impending death.

10. Memory Loss

This condition occurs in order to block out the unpleasant memory. Sometimes, they can reappear but the body can’t lock them away from the conscious mind.

11. Pain

The pain is an immediate signal to the brain that the specific action you are performing can harm your health. So, an instinctive reaction occurs to protect you from certain damage to the body. If there is no pain, you won’t know when you are in danger.

12. Sunburns

When you expose your skin to the sun for some period, it burns, turning red and irritated. However, this is a natural body defense against harmful sun rays.

Via Healthline

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