Girl Flies with Controlling Older Man, So Stewardess Secretly Slips Her a Note to Save Her Life




One day while working on a flight, the flight attendant Shelia Fedrick spotted an old, well-dressed man flying with a “disheveled” teenage girl. 967 Steve FM how she felt something was not right the very moment she saw them. What she found strange was that the old man was rather well-dressed while the girl was looking unkempt and out of sorts.

Also, the difference in their age was another thing she found suspicious. She asked the girl several questions, but it was the old man who always answered while the girl refused to speak. Shelia noticed the man was controlling the girl. She succeeded to whisper into the girl’s ears to visit the bathroom, where she had a note left for her on the mirror.

The girl responded to the note with a chilling message.

Shelia told NBC the girl wrote ‘I need help’.

She headed to the pilot to inform him about the whole situation. Once the plane landed in San Francisco, there was a police waiting to arrest the old man. Shelia left her phone number to the 14-year old girl at the time.

The girl kept the number and indeed called her several weeks later. It turned out the old man was a human trafficker who was going to sell the kidnapped girl for slavery or sexual exploitation. Thanks to the instinct of the flight attendant, the life of this young girl was saved.

Shelia shares her story to help flight attendants spot signs of human trafficking, which is now part of their training.  

We hope that by sharing this story, Shelia will get the recognition she deserves as a hero who changed the course of one girl’s life.

Here’s a video to learn more about this new program that could potentially save lives of many victims of human trafficking.

Via Little Things | The Sun

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