Spicy – Tuna – Delicious Dish


  • A tuna can;
  • 1 big potato;
  • 1 coffee – spoon of ginger;
  • A little lemon juice;
  • One third coffee- spoon salt (according to your taste) ;
  • One spicy pepper.


First of all, bake the potato, either in the oven or on a barbecue. Then, peal it and blend it. Put the blended potato in a bowl and add the tuna. Mix it well and, in this mixture add the salt, the ginger and the lemon juice. Mix again. Chop the hot pepper and add in the mixture. The meal is ready to serve on a big plate. You can add a garlic or onion dressing according to your taste. This dish is easily digested, easy to prepare and tasty. Also, it has a low amount of calories and keeps you fit. Enjoy it!

Tuna & Potato