Popular Children’s Products Recalled Due to Highly Toxic Substance




A recall of popular baby products was issued because they contained highly dangerous and potentially fatal ingredients. CNN has reported that Raritan Pharmaceuticals have recalled 3 types of children’s medicines including the CVS Homeopathic Infants’ Teething Tablets, CVS Homeopathic Kids’ Ear Relief Liquid, and Kids Relief Ear Relief Oral Liquid.

These products contained unsafe levels of belladonna, an ingredient that can be dangerous and even fatal when consumed in large doses.

A representative from the company claimed that this recall was a precautionary action because there were no reports of these products harming the consumers.

The news of the recall spread very quickly, and many people were wondering whether it was necessary.

One Newsiosity reader has written to the Raritan Pharmaceuticals’ Facebook page that he had given this ingredient to his grandchildren for years.

Despite the fact that many people have given belladonna to their children, the FDA warns against using these products because over 400 side effects and 10 deaths were attributed to them.

A Raritan spokesman stated that belladonna could be toxic in high doses, but these products contained only a small amount of it and they could not harm anybody.

These products contain traces of belladonna which is safe to consume, but when too much is ingested, belladonna poisoning can occur.

The FDA claims that this poisoning can cause difficulty breathing, excessive sleepiness, seizures, and lethargy.

In case when inconsistent doses of belladonna are labeled, children can be exposed to harmful doses.

After this warning, many retailers withdrew these products from their shelves even though they were confident that the products were completely safe.

So, parents should be careful before taking such medicines and read the labels carefully.

Source Ewg | KFOR | David Wolfe
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