4 Deep Tissue Massage Techniques to Relieve Migraines (VIDEO) 

 April 13, 2015

By  Gabriela

(HealthAndLovePage) During a massage, it is important to concentrate on the place where the pain begins, no matter if someone else is massaging you or you are doing a self-massage.

To establish the circulation and relieve migraines, you should make various movements and thus you will reduce the pain.

1. Neck and blood vessels massage.
With improper posture of the head and narrowing of the blood vessels, the pain in this area appeared. You can do a self-massage, but it would be better someone else to do it. This massage will give results if you make movements with your fingers from the bottom of the neck to the base of the skull and continue to massage the head with circular movements.

2. Temple area massage.
The headache usually appears above the temples. Massaging the area above the temples is useful for treating the headaches associated with sensitivity to light. Massage this area with soft, slow and circular movements.

3. Massage to release the pain above the eyes.
Problems with sinuses are the main cause of the pain above the eyes. In order to feel relief, you should press at the base of your eyebrows and the points around your nose. You need to be very gentle because the sensitivity of this area. Press the swollen nodes at the eyebrows base and go with gentle movements towards the outer corner of your eye.

4. Massage for treating frontal headache.
The pain that spreads only to the forehead can be reduced with radial movements i.e. moving your fingers from the eyebrows to the top of your forehead.

Via Medi Massage

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