Honey & Herbs Natural Formula – The Best Lung Cancer Treatment

About 14 years ago, Ante Kresich heard some very bad news – he was diagnosed with lung cancer. Doctors in Croatia told him that it is time to take care of certain things because his days are numbered; the clock is ticking and that radiation therapy for lung cancer won’t be helpful. But, Mr. Kresich didn’t want to leave this world without a fight. As a matter of fact, he used natural, homemade medicine based on honey and herbs and he managed to cure himself despite the predictions.

Ante claims that he has a large quantity of documentation and evidence for the best lung cancer treatment and that this is enough to convince all the skeptics that they are wrong when they say that natural lung cancer treatments and cures work. In addition, this will certainly provide hope for thousands of patients who are dealing with cancer and want to try new, cheap and alternative healing method.

Best Lung Cancer Treatment - Ante Kresich

When he visited the hospital, the doctors were shocked by the progress he made. What is interesting is that they have supported his efforts and encouraged him to go on with this natural treatment because obviously what he was doing was providing results.

However, few doctors, especially in the USA and Canada, needed more proof. When doctors who took care of Kresich examined him thoroughly again, they didn’t find any signs of cancer in his body and they knew that the mixture of honey and herb was responsible for that.

Kresich says that when he left the hospital this April and in the summer he was a changed man. When he went to get advice from his doctors they were shocked and couldn’t believe he is still alive and kicking, but what puzzled them even more were the results they got after the examinations.

Ever since then, Ante has set a completely new goal in his life. The amazing dance with the death has made him think more deeply. In case you see Ante today you would not guess that this man was very close to death few months ago and that he was suffering from cancer.

Ante is now full of energy and believes in his amazing honey cancer remedy. As a matter of fact, he is available for all the people around the globe who ask for his help and want to learn more about this natural medicine that might help them. In addition, he developed a new hobby – beekeeping.

Kresich has still not revealed the exact formula for his medicine, but a Bosnian woman (she lives close to Kresich) has shared her efficient anti-cancer honey ginger recipe.

The History and Science of Honey

Honey has been used by people for more than 8 millennia and there are several Stone Age paintings that can confirm that. According to the 5 millennia old holistic healing system known as Ayurveda (or science of life in Sanskrit language) honey is the nectar of life. Ayurveda divides honey into eight different groups and each of them comes with specific healing properties.

Honey & Herbs Natural Formula - The Best Lung Cancer Treatment

According to Ayurvedic scripts, only raw honey can be used as medicine. A scientific study conducted about 10 years ago by a team of scientists from the University of Zagreb in Croatia has confirmed that different products based on honey have the ability to stop the growth of tumors. This study was conducted on mice, but the results were very promising and that’s why this news was shared in mainstream media including BBC News.

In addition, the scientific team claimed that human cancer patients should notice the same results. They have highly recommended that this honey treatment should be used together with chemo treatment. Researchers still cannot find the direct connection between honey and cancer cells.

Dr. Nada Orsolic, the leader of the research team, said that honeybee products are a useful tool that can be used by researchers who are looking for a way to control tumor growth. In addition, the team concluded that honeybee products may be useful for prevention of cancer and metastasis.

We are bringing you an inexpensive honey cancer protocol designed by Cancer Tutor, a website that is focused on sharing alternative cancer treatments and cures. The results from these cures are confirmed empirically.

Keep in mind that you should use unprocessed and raw honey and organic spices.

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